2011 Goal

The other day Seth Godin wrote a post about everything he “shipped” in 2010. Our 2010 list is not as lengthy as his but it did get us thinking about 2011.

We have a few different projects we want to ship but our main goal is to start our first profitable Porter family small business.

Don’t worry we aren’t going to start charging for Marriage Project subscriptions or anything like that, the small business will most likely be completely be separate from this blog.

I have to say — we’re completely terrified of this goal but it’s something we, as a family, have wanted to do for a while so we’re going to have to get over that fear somehow.

We’re working on a more full “what we want to do in 2011” post for next week but this is our overarching goal.

We also want to hear about what you’re up to: what are you going to ship in 2011?

PS: Thanks for believing in us even when we sometimes don’t believe in ourselves…

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  1. I am going to graduate with an associate's in Liberal Arts and go to OSU for English! 2011 holds some very exciting prospects!

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