A Sunday Letter

(We’re thinking about starting this new feature called Sunday Letters where we write to each other on Sundays and post it. This is a trial run…let us know what you think)

Dear sleeping wife,

It’s funny sometimes how much we can jam-pack into a single week of living. In the last 7 days you’ve watched documentaries on Mormonism, beer, and UFOs and I’ve delved into books about President Bush’s tenure and the illegitimacy of the college football postseason. I feel like we’re constantly learning so much and, yet, I also feel like we hardly know anything.

You brought up a fantastic point on Wednesday at small group about why God allows us to have trials in our lives which I confirmed the next day when I emailed you a verse from 2 Corinthians. Your response — “see, told you I was right” — was probably less than what God was looking for but I have to say it made me laugh.

Thank you for letting me talk a lot of smack about my Scattergories skills on Friday night when we had people over to play, you know i thrive on that. And if you “accidentally wrote the wrong list” so I could secure the W, please don’t ever tell me. Although I’ll go to my grave arguing that “fools” are something that jump/bounce (out of airplanes…duh).

I know we (you) get a good ribbing now and then for watching so many documentary films and yet I think the foundation behind that desire is a big part of why we’re married. I’ve fallen for you for many reasons, not the least of which is because you always ask ‘why?’ and ‘how?’ It should be noted that I’ve found myself asking those two questions lately as well, especially since you finished in the 99.7% on all of ESPN.com in our bowl picks…and you can’t name 5 college football players.

Thank you for helping us get into a good daily rhythm: work, play, eat, work, learn, sleep — all of it is more fun Β with you than without. I know I’m going to have to break that rhythm today and sit both of us down and make us write our already-woefully late Christmas thank you cards. I imagine getting you to do this will be at least equivalent to getting our kiddies to eat all the vegetables on their mini-plates someday but I know we’ll have fun doing it anyway because we most always have fun doing anything at all.

Thank you above all for that.


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  1. Interesting site. It is always nice to see couples having so much fun in their marriage. Not sure if you have heard of Today's Letters or not? Check it out. This is a blog my brother and his wife created. They won top blog of 2010.
    I look forward to roaming through your site.

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