Another Sunday Letter

Dear Jen,

It’s been a pretty long but equally good week. You’ve been strong when I haven’t wanted to be and encouraged me to stand unabashedly for the things I believe in. You can’t ever know how much that means to me.

This week I enjoyed you leaving your journal of letters to me in various places around the apartment even though you usually put it somewhere around the computer because you knew I would definitely find it there. I’m only sorry I haven’t had time to write you back.

I was glad we took time for a solid date night. Our weeks always seem more whole when we get away for a night even though we usually end up talking about what we would talk about if we were home anyway: blogging, writing, documentaries, church, having kids, and sports. Maybe we’re just becoming the old fogies we’re excited about growing into someday a little too early?

I thought it was pretty funny last night when you were apprehensive to tell me you thought the acting in Secretariat was borderline reprehensible because you thought I liked it and didn’t want to hurt my feelings. You seemed relieved when I agreed with you — I’m appalled that you have no faith in my taste.

My favorite day so far this week was Friday when we got to attend the OSU alumni event at Bent Tree Country Club and watch Burns and Ann Hargis speak. I think it made you feel like we had tons of money and could hang with the Dallas socialites for brief, fleeting evening even if you didn’t really fit in because you don’t own anything orange. It made me feel like the luckiest Oklahoma State grad in the room because I was with the prettiest girl there. Including the First Cowgirl.

So I hope you enjoyed this week. That’s my hope, not that you would love me more every day or that your life would be transformed by my presence, but rather that you would just enjoy our weeks together. For when our time together is good then surely, over time, we will meld as one deeper into love, deeper into life.


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