I Am Not a Hippie


I just spent the last 2 hours of my life scouring the web pages of Forerver 21. In my room. Alone. When we took the vow to not buy any new clothing for an entire year, I thought I would appreciate clothing in a new way. I suspected that I would gain a better appreciation for used clothing, for saving money, and for getting creative. Yet I must admit that it’s somehow helped me appreciate the quickness and cheapness with which we can attain NEW pieces of clothing for very little. It’s turned cute clothing websites into thrift store porn. Oversized tunics and sweaters and baubles are desperately calling my name. I. Need. Help.

I’ve saved my birthday money from September because I haven’t found anything I really want, but secretly I’m hoping I can save it until June when I can buy ten new items of clothing for myself. I’ve found myself hopelessly scouring the web for apparel fabrics, to little or no avail. I’ll I’ve found are vintage clothes with lots of character that cost a lot, or new clothing that looks vintage that costs very little.

I know this goes against everything I’ve tried to be. I’ve set myself up as one who appreciates all things handmade, vintage, and creative, though my heart finds itself in a fragile state, ready to pay tiny wages to foreigners in sweat shops. And right now I don’t really feel bad about it.

I think at the end of our year, I’ll still want to make new things to keep my heart from becoming complacent or my brain from developing Alzheimers. Sure, there’s a lot of fun to be had in designing and making your own clothing. But while I wait for that cute linen dress to come off the machine, I think I’ll be scouring the mall aisles for updates along the way. After all, a girl can only sew so quickly. And her crafting budget can only take her so far.

Long live the true hippies. I am not one of them.

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  1. Its so funny how much "new clothing that looks vintage that costs very little" there is around. its so tempting but you gotta stay strong and stay ethical with your purchases..
    You can do it Jen!!

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