Mug Shot and Jug Shot

Last night zoomed by. Vroomed by? Went quickly. Mostly because I was engrossed in a documentary and a small project. Or a large project, depending on how you look at it. I’m pretty sure it could either be a very large coaster or a pot holder for a really tiny pot.

It’s quite lopsided, but it makes my mug feel really cozy.

Also, thanks to Whole Foods and their ability to steal our hearts with organic apple cider, we’ve recently acquired these two large jugs. While they’re fun to look at, I’ve got to find some use for them or I’m going to throw them away. Err… recycle them. Right.

I was hoping to find some brilliant ideas in my Crafts for Poor People book, but alas- Amy Sedaris has yet to make a craft out of a jug. So to you, my dear readers, what would you do with these works of art? They need your creativity; their lives are on the line! Save the jugs.


22 thoughts on “Mug Shot and Jug Shot”

  1. my kids would say they were the perfect jugs for collecting change to fund their dream trip to Disney….or housing the much loved bouncy ball collection….

  2. Make your own moonshine and bottle it in them (just joking, of course)! I would likely use them as tea jugs, after all, you are living in the South now, you have to make your own sweet tea 🙂

  3. If I had those I would use them for fun vases. Maybe get two giant, interesting flowers for each jug. Of course, I put flowers in any and every type of container. :]

  4. Save the jugs….that's a cause all Americans should be able to get behind.

    Fill them with varying degrees of liquid and figure out the sweet spot to blow on them and looky there, you're in a jug-band. Everybody could stand to have a little more music in their lives.

  5. Right there with ya kyle…

    oh and jen, I would say you could make them into potpourri holder for rooms…
    or fill the jar with a strand of white holiday lights. Fill the remainder of the jar with tiny balls of foil, clear beads, potpourri or whatnot. Things that reflect light or that don't completely block the light from getting out. Use a rubber band to secure the strand to the top and to hold the cord against the outside of the jar. Tie a ribbon or some kind of cloth around the rubber band to hide it an the cord. Could make for a cool type of lamp…

  6. I would paint designs on them, probably with acrylic or plain old craft pain – I'm sure you have plenty of that – and keep all your spare change in them. I do that, and cash it all in at the end of the year and use it for Christmas shopping. Hey, you could even sort it into pennies and silver change if you really wanted to.

    1. I LOVE the idea of doing some kind of artsy painting on them. I might have to hire out for this one- my painting skills are not up to par!

  7. Jen's jugs…..well….since you asked….you could cut the top off with a glass cutter and make 2 beautiful glass canister/vases. Quick and simple with the right tool. Oh and by the way, love the coaster/tiny pot holder/tea cozy-ish square. Cute! You are so talented! Please let us know what you decide to do with the glass containers! 🙂

  8. I'm all over farmer's market finds… So I would go check out your famers market selection of flowers, pick out something like solidago or the like (you can google for pictures… pretty yellow!), and dry the flowers first, then use them to create a fun centerpiece or decoration somewhere… Maybe wrap some ribbon around the bottom, too?

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