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One of my favorite things about this blog is the ability Jen and I have to have these almost public conversations. I write something one day and she follows it up the next with her perspective, a new twist, and a few thoughts. What accentuates this back-and-forth style is the fact that all of our readers get a little window into some of our private conversations. You get to consider what we think about and pull back the curtain on our relationship. Then you get to tell us what affected you or point out where we might have erred in the comment box. It’s a good relationship — you and us, let’s keep it going.

Yesterday, Jen mentioned this new agreement we have. I work on my big project outside of 9-5 hours and she watches me. It sounds rather boring unless you know her. Fore example, I can sit down and read a book for hours on end and be captivated, utterly satisfied just…sitting there. Jen, though, will read for 5 minutes, get bored, do 1/3 of a sewing project, get bored, watch half a Gilmore Girls episode, and eventually bail on that to bake cookies. She’s like her own entertainment network.

So back to this project. Like I said two weeks ago — it’s going to be big. I’m launching next Friday (for the 7-8 of you who already know about it, keep it on the DL) and I think the “100 or so hours” I cited last time has at least doubled, or tripled, but who’s counting.

I’ll tell you who’s not counting — the patient girl I wake up next to every day. See, over the last three weeks our relationship has been transformed in a bizarre way. I really thought going into all of this about two months ago that we would experience a good deal of strife over the most precious thing any of us has: time.

It’s actually been quite the opposite.

She has graciously afforded me all the hours I’ve needed to create and nurture my personal little Manhattan Project. This has done two things for our marriage. First, my desire to honor her because of the freedom she’s given me is off the charts right now. And because of that we’ve learned to mesh our chores and household duties in a much more, shall we say, civil manner. It’s the gift that keeps on giving. Second, we’ve begun to take captive the time we do have together. We’re more purposeful in our actions and more thoughtful with our conversation.

It’s a transformation I didn’t see coming.

So to you my wife, thank you for your worthy heart which I treasure above all earthly things. And thank you for getting me and understanding how I work and why I do it. The joy is mine.

Oh and if you want to watch quite possibly the “best family home video documenting multiple life-altering events” video of 2010 here it is.

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4 thoughts on “My Manhattan Project”

  1. I am so proud of you guys! It is awesome to hear that you have grown and matured through a time that you thought might be a trial.
    I can understand Jen's joy in watching her husband work; she gets to sit and watch the man she loves doing something that he loves and enjoys. While you may not find it particularly entertaining to sit and watch her sew or browse a fabric store, you know that you would hate if all of a sudden she no longer wanted to do these things and just wanted to watch TV all of the time instead. It is always a joy to see those that we love doing what they love.

    Keep posting and I will keep reading. I can't help but be committed to reading your posts everyday! Keep loving the Lord and loving each other!

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