The First Snowfall and a First Baby

This was one of those weekends. It was one that starts out with so much free time ahead of you that you think it can never end, and then it does. And you look back and wonder why it had to go so fast. We shopped, we ate, we played tennis, we read books, and we gave the apartment the best deep cleaning it’s seen since we moved in. And then it snowed.

There’s something about the first snow of the winter. It somehow makes the cold more bearable, even when you’ve only had 1.5 days of air under 40 degrees. Yes, we’re really thankful that winters here are mild, and I kissed Kyle three times today for not moving us to Minnesota. Then we played the accent game and batted around different versions of “Minnesota… Minnesota… Minnesota…” I won of course, because I practice accents all the time when talking to the sister. When you can’t quite find the words to express how much you love someone, accents will often do the trick.

Aaaaand the baby isn’t ours (gotcha!), but a huge congrats to Jason and Angie who are having this little peanut today. Cheers to bitty munchkins and crossed fingers for short labors!

Has it snowed yet where you live?


10 thoughts on “The First Snowfall and a First Baby”

  1. We had snow before Christmas and it caused havoc! My friend and her parents were on holiday in Florida and they closed Heathrow and so they ended up staying an extra night in Florida because they couldn't fly out (well more because they couldn't land)

    At the moment there is more snow in Scotland and the the threat that it could travel south but it's still too warm for snow.

  2. You are so tricky! Thought that frito binge might have been a clue to some news! So excited for Angie & Jason. Can't wait to see their little bundle of joy. It snowed here yesterday and more last night. Looking out the HeBrews windows onto the town square and the snowflakes are still coming down! It's really pretty, but I'm not a fan of the slick roads. Brian is still on his way back from Stillwater with our bagels for the day!!

  3. SO TRICKSY! And I got so excited. 😀

    I totally missed Ft. Worth's snow this weekend because I picked the wrong weekend to go to San Antonio & totally missed it. BUT I'm actually, how funny is this: heading to Minnesota this weekend. 😛 I'll be sure to send ya'll some photos of the killer snow there.

  4. We got a pretty good dusting last night. More falling all morning here… Jake was in AWE of all the snow everywhere as I drove him to daycare this morning!

    I was not fooled by your tweet, but I wondered if you had news on Jangie! You don't, but I thought I would let you know I stopped by! LOL! Happy Monday! ~Betsey

  5. We had a light dusting this morning. As much as I adore snow days (and I do!), my husband is required to go to work no matter what the weather is like. So I am perfectly all right with the blizzards missing OKC. And our house is already drafty enough that extra winter weather won't help our increasing gas bill.

  6. Yes, it has snowed, several times, here in E Tennessee… And today, I took the 3 & 5 year old for a wagon ride around the neighborhood, during which we got to discover the wonders of yellow snow when the 3 year old girl suddenly couldn't hold it anymore.

  7. It snowed in Eugene/Salem/Portland before Thanksgiving this year and it was snowing a little today as well. Also funny story the flight crew for the charter flight down to Phoenix for the game yesterday was from Minnesota and my boyfriend and I giggled every time they said Minnesota or anything that accentuated their accent and then proceeded to mimic their accent quietly and giggle more among ourselves.

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