The Man I Married

As great as my husband is, life doesn’t really offer many opportunities to brag about him in front of other people. So when we had a friend come stay with us this past weekend and he asked whether or not I would ever start my own blog, I knew this was my chance.

You see, what Kyle says about me is true, though not only in the world of crafting. I’m not quite sure what I’m lacking, but I know it’s something very key to being successful in a business or a blog. I’m the reason we have piles of magazine clippings that will never be organized and a kitchen that will remain 90% painted until we move out. My brain is constantly churning, but focusing that energy is like inventing the atom bomb all over again. If I were to set out on my own, I’d definitely need him there to push me and keep me focused. The reason Our Marriage Project works? Because he keeps me on task and sometimes ties me to the desk chair until I produce a post. Besides the fact that it’s physically impossible, I just don’t like the idea of tying myself up in one particular thing. Call it immaturity, lack of discipline, or just general zooiness; I don’t naturally have everything it takes, but Kyle knows how to bring it out in me.

I was in the middle of bragging on my husband, speaking each word with genuine adoration, when I looked over at him. At that moment, his moment to shine, he had a cup hanging out of his mouth. Not as in he was taking a drink, but he was biting the lip of a cup, hands free, so it protruded outward from his face.

You can only imagine the amount of pride I had at that moment. It provided a good laugh, but sometimes marriage makes a fool out of you. As soon as you think you’ve got your spouse figured out, they do things that resemble a 6 year old. And then there are days when you’re the 6 year old and you’re more confused than anyone.

To my God-fearing, book-reading, cup-eating husband: thanks for bringing out the best in me. If the cup starts to leave a crease on your forehead, we’ll be forced to work on your table manners. Until then, shine on.

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3 thoughts on “The Man I Married”

  1. Just so you (and everyone else) know, I was actually tipping the cup to see if I could drink from it hands free and contemplating how full I could get it and still perform the same task.

  2. If you want to take even more pride in your husband then go to an arcade and play Dance Dance Revolution for 3 rounds. You're gonna feel like the luckiest gal in the world…

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