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I was going to write a post in honor of the State of the Union address and call it The State of Our Marriage. Then I realized:

1. Nobody cares
2. It’s lame
3. Most of the time it has to do with whether or not we have a blog post for the next day.

Instead, I decided to share some of my favorite websites I used during the planning of our surprise wedding. I browse these even now for creative ideas in the world of paper and parties and photography. So if you’re planning your own wedding, helping a friend plan hers, or just trying to get creative with friends for a night, check these out. You won’t be disappointed.

Green Wedding Shoes
Many fabulous DIY ideas and real life wedding stories. One of my biggest inspirations for our backyard barn wedding happened only 45 minutes from my hometown. Spend all day in the Real Weddings section and don’t feel guilty. Tell your boss I told you to.

Oh Happy Day Blog
Ah, the lovely Jordan Ferney. I’ve followed her blog for a few years now, and she’s never ceased to take my breath away with her creative ideas. From parties next to the Golden Gate Bridge to the most creative invitations around, she wallows daily in pure brilliance.

Design Sponge
This site is perfect for any sort of inspiration, plus they post about three times a day. Their city guides are also a perfect way to catch eclectic shops when you travel and their DIY posts make you want to stay home and change your entire decor. Even husbands like it.

Martha Stewart Weddings
Martha isn’t one for practical ideas, but her pictures are ab fab. Darcy Miller is pretty much a genius and I probably spent more time scouring the pages of MS Weddings than any other site. It’s especially awesome for choosing colors and seeing the big picture.

So let’s hear it- any other brilliant websites for DIY brides? Any websites that make you more creative than Martha herself?


5 thoughts on “For Your Browsing Pleasure”

  1. WOAH! Your layout has gone all funky – then again it could be my browser lol.

    Me and My Mum love the film The American President and that finishes on the day of the State of The Union address – I meant to tell my Mum that was yesterday in case she hadn't heard lol. It's your blog you write what you wanna write!!

  2. Love! There are about 24 blogger blogging about planning their wedding and about 10 doing recaps of their wedding, plus the plethora of archives of past bloggers. There are so many different styles and types of weddings that people are having it is fun to read about all of them! Plus a lot of the brides love to DIY stuff so there are lots of great ideas even if you aren't planing a wedding! 🙂

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