OK, just so you know we actually gave away the stuff we said we were going to give away we asked all our winners to provide photographs of themselves in action with their new gear. Thankfully all acquiesced (lest you think we shorted somebody a gift) and we decided to take today to share those with you. Thanks again for all the wonderful comments and for all the joy you bring to us on this blog!

It was a little up in the air for about 6 hours whether Brittany S. was going to claim her prize but she chose the navy blue TOMS and we think that was a pretty great pick. Oh, and love the action shot!

Allison M. rocked our sweet little Christmas compilation at one of her Christmas parties and said everyone loved it. I’m calling that a win/win situation for her because if people like it she wins (obviously) and if people don’t like it she can say “yeahhh, I dunno, this weird blogging couple just started emailing me iTunes stuff, I felt bad so I brought it…”

Amanda K. took home the handmade cards. She lives in Georgia, which doubles as my favorite state, and apparently takes really awesome pictures.

Allison B. was the winner of our Kiva gift card. Here’s what she had to say about the man she’s sponsoring: “Simon Ochieng is a married man who lives in a rental house in Kenya that has electricity but not piped water. His greatest monthly expense is food for the family. He has operated a vegetable stall business for the past two years, selling from home to his neighbors and passersby. Simon faces a major challenge of seasonality and fluctuation of prices in the market. He hopes to expand his business and establish a retail shop in the future. He wants to purchase green vegetables, tomatoes, onions and fruits. He decided to join Yehu because of the efficiency of the financial services.” Great pick Allison.

Derek N. won the Book of Basketball. I would have loved to have given this away to somebody from Stillwater but, honestly, if I had to pick a college town other than that one Athens would be first, Oxford second. Enjoy it Derek — hope it doesn’t take you 3 months to read like it did me.

Daliene H. was the Domino winner. She was Jen’s RA freshman year at Oklahoma State, which I suppose slightly calls into question whether or not any bribes exchanged hands for this prize, but she’s a massive Cowboys football fan so I guess I’ll let it slide…

Finally, Brittany F., our coffee winner. (I guess change your name to Brittany or Allison if you want to win next year?) She’s a huge coffee fan and uh, hello, a great writer as well!


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  1. I keep saying it, but I can’t believe we have such awesome readers! We loved the pics so much and thanks to everyone who participated!

  2. You guys are too kind. Thanks again for creating a wonderful little square in the blogging world for us to come visit every day. It's ALMOST as good as my morning cup o' joe…

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