The Mystery of Marriage

Ah, the days of falling in love. Sometimes it does me good to simply sit and remember what it was like to be curious about my not yet husband. To remember our long talks about life and the Lord, to remember when we had hours to simply stare at one another and wonder if this was love.

And so it turned out to be. During the time we started dating more seriously, we were both reading a book- not together, but not separately- called The Mystery of Marriage. Reading through that book now makes me remember those times and my heart’s anticipation of all I wanted love to be. Here’s an excerpt for your Friday: for those not yet in love and for those who are immersed in it. Don’t ever forget who gave us the capacity to love.

“Think what it is like to be alone with one’s beloved, to be silent and still and enthralled, with no other purpose than that of being together, being alone with love. It is, oddly enough, an experience of being neither alone nor not-alone, but rather about midway between the two, and somehow involving the very best of both experiences. It means that one can totally relax, but with a relaxation that nevertheless has an edge to it, for there is always the awareness that one is being watched. And yet, being watched by one who loves is not like being watched by anyone else on earth! No, to be loved as one is being watched is like one thing only: It is like the watchfulness of the Lord God himself, the sense that the believer has of living out his life in the invisible presence of the living God, and of being so loved that it is if an aura or halo had already been conferred upon him, a spiritual electricity that surrounds and fills all of his words and actions, for suddenly all that he is and does is not only accepted and respected, but marveled at. More than just being appreciated, he is treated as being awesome, beautiful. He is cherished.”


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