A Daring Adventure

I was reading a blog post a few days ago on the topic of marriage. It gave really basic advice like “Focus Your Attention,” and “Take Care of Yourself,” and “Share Your Feelings.” La-di-da. All very basic but helpful things if you’re starting out on page 1 of marriage. But the author quoted something that I found pretty interesting.

“Avoiding danger is no safer in the long run than outright exposure. Life is either a daring adventure or nothing.” – Helen Keller

With a secular heart, and even believers have them, we often believe that our adventure has to be daring, that it has to be dangerous, that it involves activities like mountain climbing, sailing the open seas, and taking stints in foreign cities. I’m all for traveling and would love to do more of it, but is that the greatest adventure our lives will hold?

Some days when I’m washing dishes, life doesn’t feel so adventurous. But then I look around and think about how we got here and all we’ve done in the last year together. We moved to a new city. We’ve blogged every day for 8 months. We’re always making new friends, working harder to love one another, and we are constantly learning new things. And I’m pretty sure that having kids is going to be one gigantic adventure after another. Perhaps the scenery looks the same every day, but isn’t there some adventure among the mundane?

Imagine what adventure was to Helen Keller. She never even saw the mountains or the open seas, and yet the smallest discovery filled her world with light and excitement. The taste of a new food. The smell of spring and the sun on my face. The dripping of the faucet. When you close your eyes to the world and all of its expectations, most everything is an adventure.

So, dear readers- is this the world’s largest cop out in the name of marriage? Do you see your daily life as a daring adventure or nothing?

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4 thoughts on “A Daring Adventure”

  1. "Perhaps the scenery looks the same every day, but isn’t there some adventure among the mundane?"

    Yes, yes, and YES.

    This was the entire thesis of the movie "Up", a movie your husband woefully missed the whole point of (seriously, watch it again, bro). There is adventure, excitement, profundity and great beauty in every day things, there can be. It's what you want to bring to the table with them.

    And on that, I leave you with (not kidding) the greatest 4 minutes of a movie I've ever seen in my life:

  2. I think the world surrounds us with beauty that we are too often too self involved to notice.

    But ‘adventure’? I don’t know. Today I missed my bus because my train ran late, even though I took an earlier train to avoid exactly that problem. It didn’t feel like an adventure. More like a challenge.

    From what I can see, throughout our lives God presents us with challenges and to a good degree we are defined by how we handle those challenges.

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