One Guy’s View of St. Valentine

I’ve had it in the back of my mind for some time now that our first married Valentine’s was fast approaching. Of this I was blatantly reminded yesterday when I got this text from one of my friends: “first V-Day as a married couple bro…don’t blow it.”

I responded: “I already did, I have no plan.”

That’s kind of true and kind of not. We are going to see some very strange indie film at a place called the Texas Theater and there will be a few other surprises for Jen that I can’t reveal right now (imagine that, me holding a surprise). But for now I leave you with my three rules every guy (married or not) must follow in relation to February 14…

  1. The phrase “soo, do we do Valentine’s or not?” is not a good one to utter on February 13th. Show some leadership, either do it or don’t do it but don’t shirk the responsibility on her. [dropping head slowly in shame]
  2. She can see right through “hey, let’s do Tuesday this year, it’s going to be wayyy too crowded to go out on Monday” because your basketball team is playing on Big Monday. I’m looking at you Kansas and Kansas State fans.
  3. Those $500 earrings you just got her? Yeah, great idea in theory but this is a marathon not a sprint. She’s going to expect you to play topper every year and go beyond something you’re not financially capable of going beyond. I say start out with $5 Chick-Fil-A coupons and work your way up from there.

(The photo attribution actually belongs to Jen and her handmade valentine party on a card. Her love for me can be summed up in 20 cents worth of yarn and twigs and glue. True love, baby. True love.)


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4 thoughts on “One Guy’s View of St. Valentine”

  1. At least you get that an effort needs to be made lol. My OH can never decide what he's doing and then just does something so he doesn't get in trouble lol.

  2. I think Valentine's Day loses it's appeal with how much pressure is put on. I've been a pressurer in the past, and it never ends well. We won't really be celebrating Valentine's Day (that I know of) this year since we are in different states until tonight, but we might go out later in the week. All of our married Valentine's Day have been dinner and a movie. It's simple and sweet and (to me) more enjoyable than a fancy dinner out. I think Valentine's Day, if celebrated, should be personal to each couple and not a comparison of what everyone received as many see it as.

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