What the Snow Has Done for Me

Don’t mind the gigantic rip in our couch; let’s focus on our new rug. I wish I would have taken a before picture of this dandy, but when I get ideas in my head, seams start ripping before pictures get taken. This incredibly colorful and embroidered beauty used to be an elastic waist skirt. I paid $3 for it at the thrift store and debated briefly about making it into a curtain panel or some awesome pillows, but the new rug won out. I ended up stitching it onto a previously existing rug and we just love it!

Yesterday evening, in anticipation of the wine and cheese tasting party I’m hosting next week, I decided to do a faux set-up. I had so much fun at the class I took last week and I’m dying to share my newfound knowledge with friends. As long as nothing goes terribly wrong, I could see this becoming a trend. Especially since there are even more people I wanted to invite. Must get more chairs.

This verse has been posted on our chalkboard for about a month now, and I still find it hard to digest. It’s one of the most beautiful pictures of the gospel, one that reminds me that it’s not who I am, but who he is. And that he calls us by his name. It’s been a good reminder the last few days of our purpose here, even as I sit on the couch and twiddle my thumbs.

What has the snow done for you?


2 thoughts on “What the Snow Has Done for Me”

  1. Jen, you have given us glimpses of your place, here and there, but I would love to see more of your home and how you have touched it and made it your own – in your unique and creative ways! I love the rug! Love the pillows!! More! More! Your audience is applauding and wants more, so in this manner, its not bragging if you show us what else you have done as a Proverbs 31 woman to make your home special for your hubby. (do you like how I put that spin on it?) Hugs to you my dear friend.

  2. I spent two days doing absolutely nothing with my husband. We both needed the break. The two days also showed me just how anxious I am and how much of a struggle it still is for me to hand things over. I am going to venture out (I think) later today and head to work. But I am nervous about getting stuck.

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