A Weekend Away

Eeeek. It’s 9:21am and I’m just now sitting down to write the post. We got so excited about our mini-vacation to Houston that we somehow forgot the one thing we’ve done consistently now for over 200 days. Our apologies, though the guys are probably caught up in thinking about watching the tournament games at work, so mostly our apologies to the ladies. Both for the lack of a post and the lack of a husband for the next three weeks. You are not alone.

I’m writing from the office of my in-laws, looking out their window onto the quiet goings on of a beautiful old neighborhood with the tallest, skinniest trees you’ve ever seen. They have a large yard and an office (can we please acknowledge that again??) and I can hardly help but compare it to our tiny, dark armoire stuck in the corner of our living room. For the next few days, we write in freedom and space and lots of light.

There are a few things I always look forward to about a weekend away- time together, relaxation, a break from normal schedules, and exploring new things. Somehow, I think maybe this weekend will be different, though I’m trying not to resent the NCAA for existing or doing what it thinks are fun things. I’m just trying to figure out at what point no one will notice I’m gone and I can sew or walk or shop in freedom. And if I catch a game or two, it might not be the end of the world. I’m just not looking to make a Jen shaped indent in the couch.

Here’s to sports in moderation and weekends away from the normal.


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