Make Your Own Butter

Because we’re always looking for ways to save money or make things into something new, I wanted to share this little tutorial I found on making your own butter. My only issue is that I never really find extra cream laying around the house… I can usually dream up something to bake or find some berries to drizzle it on. So I don’t know how much you’d save if you bought the cream specifically for this purpose. Here’s to someday having leftover cream in the fridge.

How to Make Your Own Butter
(via Prudent Baby)

Check out the tutorial on their website. Have any of you ever made your own butter?


4 thoughts on “Make Your Own Butter”

  1. My mother always made her butter from as far back as I can remember. She had a churn and would sit
    and churn away until the butter was done. She would then skim the butter from the churn, put it a little
    wooden mold to shape it into what looked like a pound of butter. I loved the taste of fresh churned butter milk.
    Nothing better!!

    1. We'll see what the landlord says about just putting one in the front yard. Might be a nice addition to the neighborhood. 🙂

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