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Jon Acuff once wrote that the most important marriage advice he ever received was “buy two deck chairs and sit outside under the stars every night talking to your wife.”

We don’t have any deck chairs (or a deck for that matter) but we’ve been heeding his advice as of late and spending more time under the sky than under our roof.

Jen and I tend to look at taking walks from two vastly different perspectives. Because I love playing sports like basketball and tennis I see them as a mundane form of exercise, not unlike a chef would sneer at a mere peanut butter and jelly sandwich. Because the extent of Jen’s sporting experience includes “that one time she threw an intramural touchdown pass” she tends to look at mile-long walks as an activity of strenuous proportions.

No matter, I think we’ve found some middle ground. No pun intended. The last few weeks have been fraught with lengthy strolls in woodsy areas. Along golf courses, through neighborhoods lined with opulent homes, and just-around-the-block-and-back.

We’ve been talking more and sitting less and I have to tell you, it’s been really good for our marriage. We talk about where we want to live and what we want to do and how many kiddos we want to bring forth (that’s usually a quick convo).

Walks are great for emptying the emotional tank (mostly because there are no doors to slam or pots to sling) and catching up on where we are in marriage and where we are in our metaphorical walks with the Lord.

So to all of you who are dating or married let me suggest that you take at least one walk this week. It matters not where you go or how you get there, only that you’re together and talking and working out the sanctification of your marriage.


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  1. My parents would sit on the front porch after the supper dishes were done. They talked and sometime just had moments of silence. About 9:00 PM they would go to bed and still talk untill about 10:30. They were married over 65 years. Excellent post. James Tuggle

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