Our Final Four Picks

Given the fact that Jen finished in the 99th percentile in our bowl picks contest I would probably pay closer attention to who she has than who I have…

Here are our Final Four picks with the reasoning behind each one. Happy March!


Ohio St. – Best freshman duo in the country with Sullinger and Craft.
Kansas – Feeling it after storming through the Big 12 Tournament.
Duke – Their guards are ridiculously good and super-frosh Kyrie Irving is back.
Wisconsin – I changed this at the last second when I found out Kansas State’s star guard has the flu…


UConn – Because Connecticut is where Gilmore Girls took place.
Pittsburgh – Although she said she wouldn’t have picked them if she’d known people call them “Pitt.”
Kansas – Because I like Big 12 teams.
North Carolina – That’s where she wants to go on vacation this year…

So there are our picks, sure to fail on their own but probably pretty good when meshed together.

Enjoy the madness.

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