Something Old, Something New

Lately, I’m getting a lesson in not getting attached to things. Maybe I’m gradually becoming more clumsy in my old age, or maybe it’s just a season, but my ownage to breakage ratio is getting worse all the time. After months of research and wedding gift cards burning holes in our marital pockets, we purchased a French press. Ah, the coffee lovers’ dream. We ordered it online and waited nearly a month for it to arrive, but after having it for only 10 days, I knocked it off our tiny counter and broke it into a large pile of coffee grounds and glass. We debated briefly on whether or not to buy a new house with more counter space, but then decided that the $13 glass replacement would be more cost efficient.

In the last few weeks, I’ve dropped bowls (RIP pretty blue bowl), cracked coffee mugs, and swept up some of my favorite dishes, reduced to crumbs after being dropped or tipped over in living life. But when I start to get attached, I remember this:

One day a few years ago, I had the privilege of visiting one of the most creative houses I’ve ever been to. Every room was painted a different bright color, wallpaper was made from pages of magazines and books, and every piece of furniture had personality. When asked if we could eat in the living room, the owner simply stated, “We don’t really have rules around here. If we break something, we just turn it into something else.”

Now I know how many of us are cringing at this moment, thinking of that very pretty couch we don’t want spilled on or that antique serving dish we love so much. But just when I start to feel my heart ache over something lost, I remember her words and immediately try to picture the little pieces as something completely new. I’ve started a collection of reusable broken things to be used at my creative whim, and my pretty blue bowl above is now serving as a soap dish in our bathroom. Sure the edges are a little sharp, but we have plenty of fabric to stop any accidental bleeding. Totally worth it in my book.

What’s your favorite thing you’ve accidentally broken?


3 thoughts on “Something Old, Something New”

  1. Our wedding cake topper was made of spun glass. It was delicate and fragile and so very beautiful when the morning light shone on it.

    It lasted about three months.

    Oh well. What really counts is the marriage, and that’s still going.

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