Sunday Letter

Dear husband-

I know weddings aren’t always my favorite thing and that I’ve often won the award for worst bridesmaid amongst my friends, but this weekend was really fun with you. I think maybe now that we’re married, the wedding itself holds a little more meaning and a lot more emotion. Let’s be real- I always cry at weddings, but when you hear the pastor talk about marriage representing Christ and his church, it stirs up so much within me to remember that we get to live this out every day.

Chalk this wedding up as another that proves rehearsal dinners are the best part of any wedding. More intimate crowds combined with a more relaxed atmosphere plus time for conversation plus a lack of scheduled photo shoots plus a lack of scheduled anything and really heartfelt toasts? Any day. I’ll do that any day.

I write all this without my wedding ring on, and can’t actually quite remember where I left it. This always turns out to be a little funny, but I know the day is coming when I lose it for too long to be considered humorous. Good thing it doesn’t hold all my love in it.

Not sure why you married me because sometimes it’s like babysitting,

Your bride

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