Sunday Letters

Dear wife,

I know you don’t understand the importance of Gonzaga and BYU shooting an orange object through a hanging cylindrical cut of metal but thanks for pretending like you do. And thanks for breaking down the end of the Pittsburgh Butler game for us. I’m going to try and get you on with the CBS guys next year.

It’s been really fun learning with you over the last year that it isn’t whether or not we get to spend solid quality time together every day but rather when we do that I treat it as such. Sorry for when I’m trying to do 44 things at once.

I know I said you could spend $50 at the fabric store yesterday but I appreciate you being conscientious of our budget (and upcoming Masters trip) and only spending $35. And I can’t wait to see what you make for your new project.

Speaking of projects, I can’t wait until we can buy a house and I can build hire someone to build you a sewing/crafting/awesomeness room. And I can’t wait to have my own real office with a huge wooden desk that makes our big-screen computer look tiny.

Lastly dear wife, I hope you had as much fun with our friends this week as I did. Traipsing about Dallas, acting like we knew a lot more about it than we did, playing spades, drinking beers from five different continents, eating cheap Mexican food, and streaming Tournament games over the computer is always better with the Godly peers you hold closest in your life.

I know you feel the same.

Love, husband

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