Sushi Night

One of our favorite new meals to have is sushi at home. I was rather intimidated initially, but it’s one of the fastest and easiest meals we make. The most difficult challenge is finding everything in your local market, but once you get that down you can grab the ingredients and go.

Sushi rice (short grain Japanese rice)
Rice vinegar
Nori (Dry seaweed)
Fillings of your choice

Boil your rice according to package instructions. Some people prefer to add a little rice vinegar and sugar, but this step is optional. Once rice is cooked, spread rice onto a sheet of the nori. Yes, it’s sort of like a weird green paper that smells like tobacco, but just go with it. Make sure to leave about one inch of nori without rice in order to seal the roll.

Once your rice is spread, lay ingredients on top of your rice. Our favorites are rather simple- imitation crab meat, cucumber, avocado, or cream cheese. Feel free to try actual raw fish, just be careful to prepare it correctly!

Most recipes call for a bamboo mat to roll your finished product, but we just roll with our hands. It works great, plus there’s one less thing to wash. Definite bonus.

Slice with a serrated knife and enjoy!

We love to serve it with soy sauce and Wasabi, lighter on the Wasabi. Get a little too much and your nose will understand. Cheers for sushi at home and money saved by eating in.

Happy Monday! What are you guys making for dinner this week?

(Special thanks to my friend Shari for the recipe and encouragement to make these!)


4 thoughts on “Sushi Night”

  1. ok, so yall are legit!! california rolls are the one thing i am craving since i've been pregnant…i doubt i'll make them since i don't make anything these days, but where do you buy the seaweed?

    1. I get it a Kroger- they have it in the ethnic foods aisle or the one on Cedar Springs has the package as you walk in right next to the guys at the fresh sushi counter. It's in a flat package and the one I buy has blue and white stripes and is called Moto Moto Yama. Sometimes I say it out loud over and over again while I'm cooking. It's the only Japanese I know.

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