The Gift of Giving

It’s not abnormal when I’m at work to see women come in, look around for an hour or so, and prepare their array of goodies. Fabric does crazy things to you, and even if you have zero ideas for a project, the right fabric can entice you to buy yards upon yards of it. There have been times, however, when women will get ready to buy, hear the total, and then pause. You can, after a little practice, hear exactly the thoughts that are running through their heads before they say, “Can I pay $50 in cash and put the rest on the card?” Just to be clear, I don’t condone the hiding of funds from said husbands, but I do admire the ingenuity of these women to pursue their passions without ruffling the feathers of their husbands. I mean let’s be honest- there are just some things guys will never understand.

This week I have found myself wishing I had a secret stash of money with which to purchase Kyle’s birthday gifts. Sneaking around is no fun, especially when your husband does the budget and knows that you don’t normally make any sort of purchase at Dick’s Sporting Goods on a regular basis. I’m not usually the best gifter. I know- I don’t understand it either. I have all these creative juices flowing incessantly, but when it comes to giving gifts to loved ones, my juices turn to icicles. The handheld head scratcher I got my mom for her birthday one year? It’s made for a great family joke. The reusable lunch bag I made Kyle for Christmas this year? Already retired because his coworkers told him it looked like a purse.

It’s true- I’m not the best person to be married to if you want really awesome gifts. But this year I’ve really tried. All the odds are stacked against me, all the retail chains in America are enticing me with crap he’ll never use, but I press on.

Good luck this year, my darling. Maybe, just maybe, this will be the year to get me on track for great gift giving. But if all else fails, please remember this: There’s always next year.


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3 thoughts on “The Gift of Giving”

  1. I'm still hoping for a "Pistols Firing" line of t-shirts, hoodies. Perhaps for his B-day you could begin that marketable item for him – he gets the first one! Would be excellent game-day wear!

  2. this is adorable. your very cute jen.
    my husbands birthday is in 2 weeks, and not sure what i'm gonna do either. ekk. so hard buying for guys.

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