The Perils of Communication

Last week we had friends coming in from Oklahoma to see us for a few days. I think both of us were looking forward to showing them around Dallas and catching up on life over dinners and double dates.

They were coming in on Tuesday afternoon and I had kind of been coordinating the activities for the week back and forth with them. On Monday, over lunch, I casually mentioned to Jen that I’d told this couple they could have a key to our apartment and come and go as they please. Here’s how that conversation went:

Me: “yeah, I’m just going to leave them a key when we see them tomorrow.”
Jen: “why?”
Me: “uh, so they don’t have to be locked out of our apartment all day.”
Jen: “why will they be at our apartment?”
Me: “because they’re staying with us?”
Jen: “$%@* what?!?!”
Me: “ruh roh”

Clearly I’d forgotten to slide the small tidbit that they would indeed be sleeping in our apartment into our conversation in the last week we’d talked about it. How? I have no idea. I only knew that I had a maniacal wife on my hands who suddenly had less than 24 hours to get our apartment ready for the guests, make sure the air mattress was ready, and buy food and wine for dinners.

I have to admit, it was a fairly humorous situation, given the levity involved. What’s not going to be so funny is one day when we get home from Target and one of us says, “did you get [young child to be named at a later date]?” and the other says, “what?! I thought you got [him or her]!!” and we’re driving 85 MPH in a residential area to correct our communication mistake.

So on this Friday, to you my wife I promise to be more assertive with my words and punctual with my thoughts. And here’s to [boy or girl to be named] never wailing away on a Target aisle while we stare at each other in fear by ourselves in our home.

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3 thoughts on “The Perils of Communication”

  1. This was a great story. Funny how easy it is to forget "small" details like this in communicating with your spouse. I have been there before. I am sometimes pretty scatter brained, but to date we have not left a child at the store out of 2 so I am thinking that is pretty good!

    Now I am not saying we haven't been tempted to leave them at the store and not claim them. LOL! I am only joking on that.

    Awesome job on this blog. Love the idea here.

  2. How about being left at school? I remember that happening as a kid…not a good feeing!

    Good luck – this communication thing in marriage sure is a challenge, I find!

    1. My mom never remembers this, but she was late to pick us up from school
      every day. It was probably only 5 minutes, but kids never forget these things! I’m sure our kids will have many tales to tell… 🙂

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