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In the last few weeks, we’ve been talking about the future, where we want to be in 2 or 3 years, and where we think we’ll live. It’s very difficult to see a long life in a city you’ve just moved to, though we try not to discount the Lord and all his plans for us. After much imagining, these are our options. I dream of each almost daily.

1. Use the tiny space we have to carve out more creative nooks and store small children.

We’re doing pretty well with the small space we have, but I love the idea of having at least two littles while we still live here, mostly because people think we couldn’t.

Jordan Ferney‘s little boys sleep in a closet. She gets reamed for it daily, but I just adore it.

I’m dying for a space like this, or anything that’s a tiny version of what’s seen below. Right now, the only option for a sewing nook is our bedroom or the dining room, which leaves Kyle without sleep or both of us without dinners like adults at a table. Dilemmas.

2. Buy a house somewhere and have lots of space for writing, running around, and creating.

I would have a whole room full of color and Kyle would have a man cave with many televisions and Blue Moon on tap. We’d hardly remember the other existed if we had walls between us, which, for a few hours a day, might be hugely beneficial to the state of our marriage.

3. Buy an Airstream and travel the country, living wherever the seasons take us.

This might be my favorite option so far, and I love the idea of living minimally while seeing the country as Kyle blogs and I sell crafties to whoever will buy them. I found a 23-foot long Airstream online yesterday and I almost bought it. Except that I have limited access to our funds and my craft budget simply wouldn’t cover it.

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Would you ever live in an Airstream?


7 thoughts on “Where We’ll Live”

  1. No but I will happily visit you in yours!! I like all three ideas! I saw have Littles in the apt, move when they can’t fit in the closet, then the airstream when they go to college!

  2. I think it would be an amazing adventure to live in an Airstream. Having downsized to an apartment where I can vacuum the entire place while leaving it plugged into the same outlet, I know it's possible to live in smaller quarters. Maybe an Airstream wouldn't require a vacuum at all! Now there's a reason to try it!!

    I had to laugh at the boy sleeping in the closet. When Zack was not yet 2, he slept in his closet also! Brian and I can't remember how it happened the first time–maybe we were cleaning out his closet since Kylie was soon to be born–whatever the reason, we made him a pallet on the floor of his cleaned out closet and he slept there for a few months–quite happily I might add! But it was nowhere as decorated as the one you showed! He would have loved that for sure.

  3. I would loveeee to live in an airstream. I'm so impressed about the little kids living in a closet, brilliant! I'm definitely going to remember that for the future, like – way future. ha

  4. A friend recommended your blog, and I am really enjoying it! (I actually graduated from OSU in ’07). Anyways, I live full time with my new (almost 2 years now) husband in a 5th wheel (slightly larger than an Airstream, but the same idea)! I would highly recommend it to anyone! Only about 250 sqft of living space, but it has everything we could need! We even manage to fit 2 big dogs in there with us. Besides, when you can park it at the lake, with the windows open it feels more than spacious!

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