An Easter Letter

Dear wife,

It’s been a pretty full week I suppose. A pair of date nights, the worst softball game ever, NBA Playoff watching, new bike parts, and so so so very much fabric in our home.

First of all, I’d like to apologize to you for throwing my bat in the game on Thursday. I know there were a lot of kiddies around whose eyes had to be shielded and/or averted by their mothers so I’m sorry about that. No matter that I’d just displayed the most abhorrent hitting performance at a softball game in human history and blown the outcome in the waning innings, no more bat throwing.

Oh, and thanks for fetching me the Hello Kitty bandage for my cut open knee afterward. I know I didn’t laugh at the time but I was giggling on the inside.

I had a blast with you on Friday night sitting at our little perch at Chuy’s eating and watching all the people walk and bike up and down the streets. We could have stayed there all night I think.

But we didn’t, we went to see Water for Elephants instead. I was very embarrassed about this outing for three reasons:

  1. I had to explain to you that Robert Pattinson was the star of Twilight
  2. I liked the movie more than you did
  3. I ate most of the Milk Duds and Sour Patch Kids we sneaked in

The last of those was the most unnerving too. I know, I know I grew up in a home where I was barely allowed to watch Mr. Rogers Neighborhood so for me sneaking candy and drinks into the movie theater is borderline grand theft…

So it was a good week, well it was a bad week too, but it was mostly a good week. And it’s ending wonderfully. Three Easter services then lunch and dinner with our favorite Dallas friends? So in.

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