On Roadtrips

Some people, my husband included, hold to the idea that getting to any given destination is half the fun. I still hold to the idea that trips aren’t nearly as enjoyable when you arrive emotionally drained with stiff joints and nausea. This only causes him to add another tally to the list of reasons why I’m a senior citizen.

That said, road trips do make for a lot of great conversation, great snacks, and creative ways to pass the time. Husband usually prefers games like 20 Questions while I go more for the low key state tag games. Mostly because I can nap mid-game if I like.

Happy Monday readers! What are some of your favorite road trip games?

4 thoughts on “On Roadtrips”

  1. We sat in bed playing Eye Spy the other night – it was really random and mainly because Chris kept saying he was bored and that me reading was annoying him lol.

  2. Oh gosh I hate road trips due to being so bleh when I get where I am going. Additionally, I hate having to eat on the road, whether it be fast food (ugh) or gas station snacks. Though, I must agree that I love having deep (and silly) conversations on the road because there isn't much else to do but really listen, pay attention to and interact with whomever you are road tripping.

    Favourite road trip game is definitely 20 questions or anything competitive really, like Name this Song/Artist…

  3. Love the state tag game and the ABC game. On our long trip out west our girls made a list of random things they wanted to see. For instance, "A man with a beard wearing a red cap driving a semi truck." The funniest one was "a cow pooping." And what was funny was that we saw everything else on our month-long trip, but we didn't see a cow pooping until we got back to Oklahoma! Oh boy!

  4. My boyfriend and I were driving to OKC one day and we passed a flatbed truck with a huge wooden crate in it. My boyfriend asked me "What do you think is in there?" and I said "An octopus". Now every time we see a truck with any kind of large container or containers, we make up some ridiculous explanation as to their contents. Answers have ranged from rabid piranas to black holes to your mom.

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