Our First Easter

Yesterday, we got another badge on our grownup marriage vest. We spent our first married Easter in Dallas.

After a full morning of church, we feigned a real Easter dinner with some other 20 something pretend grownups. And it actually turned out to be pretty legit. There were fancy things like crescent rolls, green bean casserole, an actual baked ham, and a homemade pound cake with toppings. For the day, with all eleven of us and the two tiny ones, it sort of felt like being with family. There was laughing and crying (not any of the adults, thank goodness) and shared cleanup and games in the yard. There was nap time and life discussion and then there was even a birthday party. With more food and more games and the pitter patter of some rain on the roof, though we couldn’t really hear it from all the game-induced giggles.

All in all, it was a successful Easter, though I’m still not entirely sure what the Easter Bunny is for. Am I supposed to get my kids to believe in him like Santa? Is he supposed to leave eggs in the yard for them to find when they wake up? Or is he just some mythical creature we celebrate in the form of milk chocolate and eggs? Does anyone realize that bunnies don’t actually lay eggs?

Someone help me.

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  1. In reference to the Easter Bunny:
    Back in the day, the Vernal Equinox was surrounded with pagan fertility festivals, and the rabbit was one of the main fertility symbols because of their high reproduction rate. German traditions hold that rabbits bring colored eggs to children who have been good around this time of year, hiding the eggs around the house and yard. Easter overshadowed these fertility festivals, but some traditions were adopted, such as egg hunts. Interestingly, the idea of colored eggs came from when Mary Madeleine was in court with King Agrippa, arguing the factuality of the Resurrection. The king said “The Resurrection has as much of a chance of happening as this egg in my hand turning red.” The egg turned red right there. =)

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