Some Friday Web Inspiration

Today I’m offering up some of my favorite recent posts from around the web. Enjoy, and if you aren’t ready to have your heart swooned in any one category, just skip it. Trust me.

These make me ready to have littles:

via oh, hello friend blog

Family Writing Club
How to Make Playdough

These make me wish I didn’t have to work and could spend all day crafting. And also wish that I had a greater attention span.

via design sponge blog

Rosette Necklaces
Rag Crochet Pillows
Spool Hooks

These make me want to redo lots of things in our house.

via design is mine blog

Build me up, Buttercup
Decorating with Wallpaper

And these, more than anything, make me want to throw a summer party. Who’s coming over?

via the coterie blog

Pretty sparkle ideas
Rooftop Dinner

What’s been inspiring you from around the web this week?

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