The Thing About The Masters

As many of you know if you read my other blog or follow me on Twitter (!), Jen and I are in Augusta, Georgia today to attend the 75th Masters golf tournament.

I’ll save you the prose and not drone on about how the green at Augusta is somehow greener than it is anywhere else, and so on and so forth ( you can read about that here). I did, however, come up with my 8 favorite things about taking my wife to the Masters.

1. I was chided on Monday when I told her I wanted to follow Peter Uihlein, Rickie Fowler, and other OSU golfers around on Friday (our first day). I believe her exact words were, “I want to follow K.J. Choi, do you even love me?” The look on my face was similar to what I imagine it would have been had she told me she was pregnant.

2. For those of you now wondering, K.J. Choi is a semi-successful journeyman PGA professional to whom Jen had no viable ties before last year. She quickly jumped on the bandwagon (because he was playing Tiger and she “always roots for the underdog”) and apparently hasn’t jumped off.

3. Walking in the merchandise tent and hearing her say, “no woman under 60 should ever have to wear a polo.”

4. Playing the “how many golfers can you name” game on the drive to Georgia. Last year it was seven, I expect double digits this year.

5. That she’s as infatuated with the south (and specifically the old south) as I am.

6. Leaving her and Becca in our hotel while Chad and I (Chad and Becca are the couple we’re attending with this year) leave at 5:30 AM to set our seats up for Sunday.

7. Stuffing our faces with $1.25 pimiento cheese sandwiches and $1.00 chocolate chip cookies all day.

8. That Augusta National is the most perfect place on earth.

So look for us on Sunday (or Saturday or Friday). We’ll be sitting on #16 to the left-hand side. I’ll have on a yellow hat and be cheering irrationally when anyone who attended Oklahoma State passes through our hole. Jen will have the binocs out trying to spot K.J. on another hole, or so she’ll say. I know in reality she’s really going to be eying Australia’s most eligible golfing bachelor, Adam Scott

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