A Travel Companion

This weekend, thanks to a very gracious and thoughtful friend, I’m flying to California to spend four days reading and lounging and taking in the salty-aired world that is Laguna Beach. I’ve used the same overnight bag now for nearly five years, and the zipper has reached it’s last zipper leg. I still use it for car trips, but having all my personals fall out on other passengers during flight sounds less than appealing. So what else is there to do but dream of having new luggage?

Unlike the husband, I have the uncanny ability to store about 3-4 nights worth of goodies into one overnight bag. Here, some I would purchase if I had the extra money saved.

From JCrew

Two things: 1) I’ve been very into navy and white lately. Such classic colors. And 2) who knew JCrew carried luggage? Yes, please.

Hartmann Wings

This one is on sale for only $475, but I’m totally in love with the design here.

Gucci "Wholesale"

And a final one with the tacky plastic still on its handles from an online “wholesaler” website. Because let’s be honest- none of us are buying the real thing. If you are I’m not judging you, but the fakes look just as great.

Happy travels to all- where are you traveling this month?

2 thoughts on “A Travel Companion”

  1. My weekend bag is a Roxy fabric one that I bought in London in November – I’d been to London for the day and because of what I was doing I had lots with me but carrying two bags was awkward on the tube so I went to the store and bought a new bag so I could put all my stuff in it lol.

    If I’m away for longer than that, then I might have to consider my camping rucksack – it’s kinda big though lol.

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