Our Memorial Day Weekend

Two lessons from our holiday weekend:

1. You can make a game out of anything.

Sometimes I’m a total girl. There are times when I don’t feel like getting my hair wet or playing in the dirt, but then there are times when I’m just as competitive as my husband. These times usually come during ridiculous games that take no athletic ability and I think I actually have a chance to beat him. Example? Let’s stand on the side of the pool while someone throws us a ball and we try to catch it for points. Or let’s take a golf tee to the bottom of the pool and jump on it when it floats to the top. For points, of course. I still rarely win, but the trophy is tantalizingly close. And so we play.

2. Road trips, even short ones, provide the best conversation.

I know part of it is the fact that we don’t have as much technology at hand while driving, but it also helps that neither of us has the chance to wander off or be distracted by anything else. I’ve decided over the last year that if you’re feeling distant from your spouse, it’s probably time for a road trip. No radio, no phones, just you. And whatever conversation comes up.

What did you do for the holiday weekend?

3 thoughts on “Our Memorial Day Weekend”

  1. We took a mini-road trip to Elk City with my in-laws. We also ate far too much food and then spent time with friends. There was also a date thrown in there. Next weekend, we are cashing in a gift certificate for a hotel room and plan on enjoying a day-cation just 30 minutes from where we live. A nice big bed with no dogs to share it with.

  2. Saturday and Sunday were pretty much normal. One of the lads from church came to hang out at ours like all day Sunday and then came out with a group of us yesterday.

    We went punting in Cambridge – it was good fun but our friend was convinced he was going to fall in – which is really funny when the boat rocks loads with the tiniest bit of movement.

    I drove the mini bus for the first time which was kinda scary but so grown up lol.

  3. We actually closed HeBrews at 2pm on Friday and were closed ALL weekend! We had a couple of great evenings on our “deck,” even though the wind was blowing like mad all weekend. I had to laugh at your #2 because I still remember GT getting all excited when Brian and I were taking a road trip somewhere. He said, “Enjoy the windshield time.” I must have given him a funny look because he had to explain to me that he and Megan would often have some of their best conversations when the windshield was the only thing between them and the rest of the world. I never thought of it that way before, but I have to agree with him, and now you too!

    Great pic of you 2 by the way!!! Sometime I’ll have to tell you about a game Brian and I invented back when Zack was just a baby. It involved a small bouncy ball, rug burns, and eventually a video camera acting as a referee, lol.

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