Engagement Week (Final)

Here’s the proposal.

Disclaimer: this was the video we showed at the “engagement party” on June 5th to let all our friends know that we had, in fact, been engaged for 6 months and were getting married that night (June 5th). It’s one of Kevin’s finest masterpieces…


J5 from Kevin Porter on Vimeo.

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I'm an aspiring freelance writer and blogger (which doesn't make a ton of sense when you think about it). I started a blog called Our Marriage Project and one about OSU called Pistols Firing. I love both of them, and I love my wife. And I love Kevin Durant, Explosions in the Sky, Tim Riggins, Blue Moon ale, Twitter, and the state of Georgia.

22 thoughts on “Engagement Week (Final)”

  1. Congrats, it's 9.47 am and y'all just made me cry at work. (And within my first month here too, they probably think I'm insane.)

    This is incredible. I can't even imagine how much more you'll love this video after a year, 10 years, 50 years of marriage. Please make sequels. πŸ™‚

    1. Sorry Steph…congrats on the job though! LP told me about it…

      I'll see what we can do on a sequel if you can name me 3 sequels that were as good/better than the original.

  2. I just watched the video for the 5th time and I cried every time! I don't think there was a dry eye in the room on the evening of June 4, 2010 when all of us first saw the video. I wish you the very best and God's blessing on each of you and your marriage. Num. 6:24-26
    I love you,

  3. I think that is the sweetest thing I've ever seen! Congrats! I'm so happy for the two of you. I will,however, refrain from letting Val watch this… I think he might feel a little… (well, you know). He proposed to me with roses laid over my dad's shot gun on the boat in the garage… hardly compares to this. Very sweet! Miss you guys.

  4. I am FINALLY Home from my own vacation where I can watch this. (Older generatiuon, MUCH less technical savvy…) So glad I did! Thank you for impacting our lives. BLESSED that God made our paths cross. We pray for you and your marriage daily! Love you guys!

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  6. Oh wow! it's 7:15 in the morning…I am supposed to be studying…and I am crying! AMAZING video and i wish you two a lifetime of happiness! πŸ™‚

  7. This is the most amazing video that demonstrates true love and happiness. I don't even know you but I think you two have a long and happy life together ahead of you. What a beautiful proposal and a truly magical moment to have captured and be able to share with your friends and family. Congratulations on your wedding and all the best for a wonderful marriage. Your love is inspirational!

  8. Stumbled across your blog and am so excited to follow you on your journey of your first year of marriage! This video is precious and it blessed my day immensely to hear how you love each other and to see how God is glorified through that love. No doubt he will grow and change you both so much in this next year! Congratulations!

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