Engagement Week (Part 2)

Clue #2

This one was presented Monday night at dinner at Thai Cafe…I went to New China on Saturday and coerced one of the young Chinese men there to give me 5 fortune cookies. I offered to pay and he declined citing benevolence. What generosity the Chinese show. And humility. 2 OU fans stared me down while I was there. I considered showing them some sort of physical disdain for their “school” but refrained. Anyway, I unraveled one of the cookies, took the fortune out, and inserted my own. It reads as follows:

Clue #2

2 Xresents for you
In the back of your truck
You’ll have to fight
Through mire and muck
But the Xnd will be worth it
You’ll be out of your mind
Get your big hats ready
Leave your cell phone behind
What is it you ask,
A preseXt from Po
To find out what I’m saying
Go where fireflies glow

Come back tomorrow to find out where this clue took her and what she found when she got there…

Also, here’s Part 1 from Monday if you missed it.

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