Engagement Week (Part 3)

Clue #3

She bought the ‘ol 12 line poem in a fortune cookie stunt…oldest trick in the book.

I buried a suitcase with two 2010 Masters tickets and her next clue in the park “where fireflies glow” We used to go to this park to watch the fireflies and…uhh….talk. The buried suitcase was marked with a spraypainted X. Jen had to dig it up with the shovel I put in the back of her truck..sooo we were there a while. The clue in the suitcase read like this:

Clue #3

Treasure number two
Easier to find
But for yXur clue
You must hit rewind
Back to July of ’08
A moXth that I rue
Played my cards all wrong
And became THIS to you
That’s what marks the Xpot
But if you don’t get the pun
Chick Fil A tomorrow
Meet me there Xt 1

I’ll explain that one tomorrow…

It was like 6 in. deep, not 6 ft.

Also, I told you we’d get back to those Xs…if you’re scoring at home (or if you’re alone) you can fill in the letters that SHOULD be where the X’s are and get this so far:

Aspen on Sa…. (to be continued)

Jen + The Masters

If you missed them earlier: Part 1 Part 2

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