Engagement Week (Part 7)

The answer to yesterday’s clue is Coldplay’s album X&Y (it’s algebraic, get it?).

The thirteenth song has a line at the 26 second mark that says “let me in” which is what I used to say when I would climb the trees in her yard, get on her roof, and knock on her window (sounds shady I know…and not just because of the trees…)

Anyway I’m putting tomorrow’s treasure (see below) just outside the window I used to rap on for her to let me in. The “treasure” is…ahem…some gift cards to a popular women’s undergarments establishment that rhymes with Mick Poria Leak Met and the 2nd to last X reads as follows:

Here’s the key to my apt.
And also to my heart
After 7 tomorrow
Is when you can start
Go and enjoy yourself some music
And watch the Xideo
Drink all this wonder up
Sip it rXally slow
Oh I almost forgot
There is no turning back
The X is on the software
That’s iXstalled on our Mac

And that completes the Xs:

Aspen on Saturday at Seven (which is where this whole enchilada is ending…hopefully she’ll figure that out before then)…also I started showering the pavilion where I’m proposing with Christmas lights tonight, it’s going to look awesome!

I made a video of me citing the last clue which I will post the transcript of manana.

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