Marriage Statement

We got married last night.

Nobody knew about it. They thought they were coming to an engagement party and a full-blown wedding broke out.

I lied, a few people knew about it, but most didn’t.

That’s how we wanted it.

It’s been our experience that it’s very easy for us (because we’re human) to get caught up in things. Things like showers and gifts and fine china. Things that aren’t 2 people standing before the Lord looking to be sanctified. We were scared of that so we did it different than anyone else we know has done it.

Of course, most people also don’t make a marriage statement like a company would make a mission statement. We’re different though. Or we try to be. Or we just think we try to be. Or maybe we’re just weird. I don’t know

I do know we  hate convoluted and complex. Our marriage statement is only 10 words. You can see it in the header. We handed out cards with that statement on them at our wedding. It entails everything we’re striving to be.

We hope people loved them as much as we loved making them.

Speaking of love, we’re honeymooning in Hawaii right now, and will be for the next 10 days. By the end I’m sure we’ll be ready to get back and post pictures and stories and videos from our wedding. Until then, though, we’ll be talking about what this blog will entail over the next year and spouting stories from our engagement week (which, yes, happened 6 months ago).

See y’all soon,
Kyle + Jen

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I'm an aspiring freelance writer and blogger (which doesn't make a ton of sense when you think about it). I started a blog called Our Marriage Project and one about OSU called Pistols Firing. I love both of them, and I love my wife. And I love Kevin Durant, Explosions in the Sky, Tim Riggins, Blue Moon ale, Twitter, and the state of Georgia.

11 thoughts on “Marriage Statement”

  1. A) I love this idea.
    B) I'm sad I didn't know there was an engagement , or yet a wedding because I would have loved to have been there! But totally understand your reasoning.
    C) Have fun on your "first" honeymoon
    D) I can't wait to see pictures!

  2. I love you guys! Your marriage statement is awesome. You two will make it and this will be wonderful to look back on 50 years from now. God Bless You.

    Love Lisa

  3. You two are impressive! It was a beautiful time when I discovered you would be married Saturday. The wedding and reception were different than any I have seen. It will be fun to read your blog. God's blessings on your marriage.

  4. Most men I know married above themselves. In Kyle's case I am assuming this to be true. However, Jen, if this is the case,you must be as close to perfect as a young woman can be. This creation of a unique engagement and marriage is an artistic masterpiece. You two are beginning to compete with Kevin;s creative gifts. I honestly felt Kyle would be close to fifty before he "took the plunge" Jen, I have heard nothing but superlatives when your name is mentioned. I look to meeting you soon. Kyle, I owe you a Texas Aggie cap, but will send you two and want a photo of both of wearing them. My Congratulations to you both. Jack Allen.

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