Monday Book Giveaway

Enough about us. We want to thank YOU, the people who have been reading, so we’re giving away a book about love today.

Here’s how it works: all you have to do is click on “comments” below and post a comment telling us what your favorite thing about Mondays is.

That’s it.

We will randomly select a winner tonight and email them so they can choose from two of our faves below…

Mystery of Marriage – Hands down the best book either of us has ever read about love, marriage, and maybe even Christianity. It seems like every other sentence could be a chapter in and of itself. Unbelievably profound read.

Sheet Music – This one came highly recommended from some of our best married friends, and with good reason. It’s the perfect “we’re Christians and we’re about to get married and do stuff we’ve never done before even though we don’t feel old enough to do it because we giggle every time someone says a word you’d find in an anatomy book” book. It’s also good if you have done it, aren’t a Christian, and don’t giggle at anatomy book words.

It should be noted that we both read both of these books while we were single so you can’t play the “I’m not married so I can’t participate in the giveaway” card. Well, you can, but you shouldn’t. Oh, and if you already have both of them then we’ll send you something different!

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28 thoughts on “Monday Book Giveaway”

  1. My favorite thing about Monday is that it is almost like a little reset button. On Sunday I make a new list of things to do for the week including work related things, cards to send out, chores around the house, small personal goals for the week, etc. Monday is the day I get to start marking them off the list and accomplishing them!

  2. My favorite thing about Monday is the PEACE! It's a nice change of pace from 3 small people saying "Mom! Mom! Mom! Mom! Mom!" for 2 days straight! 🙂 I go to work on Monday mornings ready to get stuff done without quite so many interruptions!

  3. My favorite is the excitement I get for the rest of the week. Monday thru Friday are such a routine and I like a routine.

  4. My favorite thing about Monday is the FREE Chick-fil-a Sandwich with my Talk Notes. It would be silly to act like any Monday adventure could top a free dinner.

  5. I love Mondays because it means… The Bachelorette!?
    I’m not ashamed to admit a little reality TV really gets me going! 🙂

  6. My recently-new favorite thing about Mondays is getting to help Bryan with his class at church, "Great Questions". It's a time where we can pour into the lives of others who are struggling with the daily battels and issues of life. We are also blessed to guide them through troubles in their beliefs about who God is, is He really God, why does He work the way He does, etc.

  7. My favorite thing about a Monday is that I get to go to work. You may think that I am lying, but I love being a teacher and I love seeing my kiddos!

  8. My favorite thing about Mondays is trying to decide which song on my ipod I want to set my alarm to the next day. Usually something to make it easier to get up in the morning.

  9. My favorite thing about Mondays (especially in June) is that the Supreme Court releases their recently decided cases. Today, it's guns and the 1st Amendment. Today is a great Monday.

  10. The best thing about Monday is waking up with my #2, talking to my #1, getting the kids ready and going out into the world armed with Sunday's lessons!!!

  11. Favorite thing about Monday is sitting in a 10×10 cubicle in front of a computer inputting data while looking at blogs every 10 minutes or so…

    Wait, thats every day.

  12. My favorite thing about Mondays at the is getting the weekend numbers …. attendance, salvations, kiddos etc. Such a blessing to be able to say I'm at the church 25 hrs a week even if i'm just an intern ….

  13. Here are my three favorite things about Mondays:

    1. Mondays are the beginning of my week. I use Sunday as a day to reflect so Monday starts with a fresh view on things. I am rejuvenated and ready to conquer the week.

    2. Mondays are filled with ample opportunities to encourage others. As a rule, the general population hates Mondays. Anytime someone grumbles about the day, I try and offer them encouragement. It is a blessing to see their countenance change, even if for only a moment, because I know I have impacted their life.

    3. Mondays bring a new set of weekly sales at Hobby Lobby. Enough said.

  14. I REALLY want to be friends with Monday and I try (armed w/coffee) on a regular basis. However, at this point in our relationship we are agreeing to disagree. That said, I guess my favorite thing about Monday is that it brings me one day closer to the weekend? 🙂

  15. My favorite thing about Monday (in the summertime) is that I get to go hang out with all of my members again after not seeing them over the weekend, watch little kids ooo and ahhh over every little thing that they find amazing (even if it's so simple) and our volunteers bringing awesome/free meals at 6pm so I don't have to cook! ; )

    And I was thinking about playing the single card and not playing, glad you convinced me otherwise!

  16. Favorite part about mondays…hmmm. Well considering it is summer and I have yet to begin my "big-girl" job I would have to say that my favorite thing about mondays is that it's not a typical monday. Ask me in a few months and I'm sure it will be nearly impossible to find a silver lining to the day I despise the most. 🙂

  17. favorite part about monday is i get to see my co-workers! nothing glamorous about sitting a cube, but the people i work with are pretty fantastic 🙂

  18. My favorite thing about Mondays is… it's a fresh start… it's a new day — the first day of the week (the work week anyway) and whatever last week's to-do list was, whatever last week's worries were, whatever last week's mistakes were, THIS Monday is a new start, a chance to start over, do better, work harder, be more productive, live a little more, share my faith in a different way, pray or read my Bible more diligently, or whatever it was that last week wasn't. I love that.

  19. My favorite thing about Mondays is the gift of another day to wake up and make a difference in someone’s life, even if it’s as simple as serving them a cup of coffee and a freshly baked muffin, and asking them how their weekend was. I love getting to share a slice of people’s lives and most people like to share about themselves–even on Mondays!

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