The Dirty Laundry Episode

Confession: my life isn’t quite as romantic as it seems.

It’s been so fun to get emails and messages from people saying, “I can’t believe this is your life!” Or, “I’ve watched your engagement video 5 times and I’m still crying…” It’s really fun. And yet, as I sit on a half broken chair in our tiny little apartment surrounded by piles of laundry and mail and half emptied boxes, I think somehow the romance has waned. Unless you count my love affair with my new dishes.

And so, as they say, the honeymoon is over. It was an incredible eight days in tropical paradise with nothing to do but enjoy ourselves. We loved it so much that it started to feel like home, but we couldn’t afford the cocktails any longer so we were forced back to the mainland. We went snorkeling, ziplining, hiking, we read books, we ate amazing food and all the shaved ice we could handle. And yet our moon made of honey was not without its less than sweet moments. Kyle was ready to come home after day 2 after what we affectionately call the dirty laundry incident. I opened my suitcase to find my body lotion had spilled on and ruined my 3 favorite dresses. It was a debacle that ended, and I do not say this proudly, with Kyle voicing some long-harbored frustration at how I don’t take care of my things, me sobbing on the bathroom floor (muttering things about how I will someday drop our children), and Kyle wondering why on earth he asked me to be his bride. Alo…HA.

There’s something strange & exciting about being on vacation with a boy, about pretending to know what we’re doing, about pretending to be old enough to be vacationing together in a land to which neither of us has ever been. It’s a fun transition to what is about to ensue: a life that’s just life. It’s going to be full of surprises- ones less planned than our wedding, though hopefully none that require 2am feedings and diapers. There will be disagreements and dinner parties and just plain days. But in each day we’re striving to find a little adventure, to learn something new, and to love one another more deeply.

Here’s to life. Or something that resembles it.

11 thoughts on “The Dirty Laundry Episode”

  1. Wonderful as usual! These are the moments that will make you laugh uncontrollably in years to come. Thank you for sharing the truth. I can't tell you how blessed I have been by seemingly "perfect" women who share their not so perfect lives. There is nothing more funny and reassuring than stories such as those. Remember…God has placed the broken chair, laundry, and mail in your life for a reason! There are no mistakes! Even that is a part of his divine plan! I know you will make your place your own and it will be so cute and inviting. Go forth and conquer you beautiful, divine, domestic goddess you! I love you

  2. You guys are amazing…I love this post! I'm also glad your having a love affair with your new dishes…I love them too!

  3. okay…I'm laughing out loud…can't stop laughing…. and Junior is looking at me like I've lost my mind….
    I love your honesty…

  4. After reading your blog entry today, Jen, I felt like the emotions (good and not-so good) were somewhat familiar. That's when it hit me! Your story of highs and lows, dirty laundry accidents, tears and laughter all experienced with the man you love dearly, is very near the love story of my wonderful parents over the past 53 years! You have such a great future ahead of you, my dear sweet friend! Cherish each moment, it will pass quickly. I shared your blog with my Mother. She wants to trade places with you and do it all over again, every single year, not changing a thing, she explained to me. She told me she knew that everything she has gone through in her years with Dad, has either been a time of happiness and joy or a time of learning, but her simple life always offered her a chance to draw closer to God as she grew more and more in love with (and tolerant of) Dad. My mother has Alzheimers and does not always recognize Dad, but she was able to reflect on her first few years of marriage today. Love, it is so powerful. Marriage, God ordained. Blessings on your future, Kyle and Jen! I couldn't be happier for you both. What great stories you will have to tell for years to come!

    1. I feel like I've said this sentence to a number of other people, but, Deb, if this is the only thing that ever comes of our surprise wedding and this blog then it will have all been worth it…

  5. I stumbled across your blog today, not knowing how I got here but knowing there is a reason. You two have got to be the most romantic, creative & adorable couple ever! What a great inspiration for us all, newly married or not. Reading your story is like reading a great fairy-tale but this post is especially sentimental for me as a reader. Thank goodness you are real! A real couple with real fights about laundry and crying on the bathroom floor – we all find ourselves there eventually! Although I have a lot of reading of your Marriage Project, I’m sure that my own marriage will only be enlightened. Thank you for sharing your journey, I look forward to “seeing” more…

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