Weekend Roundup

The weekend roundup is going to be a feature we use from time to time for a number of reasons:

  1. We want to share with you the things that are inspiring us. We didn’t just make this whole thing up out of the blue one day. We learned from other digital pioneers and took what we loved and made it our own. To us, that’s one of the most beautiful things about blogging.
  2. We would love to promote some of the people/things we’re enjoying or proud of. We aren’t Google or anything but we’ve had a decent amount of people coming to our site every day, and to be able to point them towards some of our friends who are doing crazy, creative things is our joy.
  3. Sometimes, and this is that moment of transparency we talked about yesterday, we just need a break from writing.

Without further adieu:

Jen’s faves for the week

Soda pop – Where we got the idea to use old-fashioned soda pop in our wedding, from Jen’s favorite blogger in the world.
Country Wedding – Another inspiring country wedding (this one was actually about 40 miles from Jen’s hometown- very fun.)

Kyle’s faves for the week

What to do with $600 billion – Gates, Buffett, Oprah, and the future of America….
Rwanda > U.S.? – Fascinating article on what Rwanda is doing to solve the healthcare problem.

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