A Final Letter. Or Two or Three.

Dear marriage-

Sometimes you’re like another human being in our lives. One day you’re fun and silly, the next you’re confusing us with your seriousness, and some days we’re not sure what you’re feeling at all. But we all live under this roof together and try to make it all work: love and friendship and passion and grace and all our paperback books. We weren’t quite sure about this “two become one” thing initially, but the longer we battle through these things, the more we start to look like one another. And more like the one who created us all. I think we’ll keep meeting every day, but go easy on us for the next few decades. Life is about to get really interesting.

Dear Kyle-

Thanks for making me do difficult things, even when I don’t feel like it. You know that I struggle with being consistent in anything, but you’ve taught me nothing since I met you if not that discipline is the key to any success. You are the most disciplined person I know, which is mostly good, but sad when I want to play and you have to write. It makes me feel like a puppy and like you’re an old lazy dog, so confused by my scampers and hops but still focused on what you’re doing. Thanks for putting up with me and carrying dragging me through so many things. I have nothing but faith in you.


Dear Jen-

Thank you for carrying me when I needed it and loving me when I didn’t want it. This last year with you has been spectacular, the full physical manifestation of all my hopes and fears and dreams about relationship between two people. Living together has been tough at times and not very much fun at others, but I wouldn’t trade it for easy, I wouldn’t trade it for frictionless or less complex either. It’s been worthy and I think when you get married that’s really all you can ask for. Just think, only 49 (or so) more years. Most of which will be filled with other little people who further complicate our lives.


Dear readers –

This blog would be little more than the working out of our relationship in the abyss of the internet without you guys coming to our site every day. Sometimes that was scary but we were always grateful for your feedback, your thoughts, your (sometimes spirited) opinions, and your love. And on love, writing on this blog every day has been a labor of such. We went through phases: first we loved it, then we loathed it, then we didn’t know what to do with it, then we loved it again, then it was time for it to end, and now we’re here.

I’m not sure it ever grew into what we wanted but that’s okay because we loved it for what it was. And we’re hopeful that it was something to you: encouragement, inspiration, hope, anything really, anything that moved your soul closer to the Lord and farther away from the things of this world. I think we’ll probably be around in some form or fashion in the coming months. We aren’t sure quite yet what our next project will be but we’ll alert our Twitter followers as soon as we know. If you aren’t following yet you can do so here. Thanks for reading- we hope you’ve enjoyed it as much as we have.

-Kyle and Jen

9 thoughts on “A Final Letter. Or Two or Three.”

  1. Even though I haven’t gotten to read every single post this year, your blog has been an awesome place to be inspired, to be informed, and to reflect on what our 28 years of marriage have been. Your candid posts and senses of humor, combined with your amazing faith have made your posts a joy to read.

    Thank you, thank you, thank you for your dedication to see your project through an entire year! I will keep visiting it so, hopefully, before another year passes, I will have read every single post!!

    Enough about year #1….can’t wait to see what year #2 brings for you guys!


  2. I am sad to see you two go in the form of your blog. Reading over the past year has been fun, inspirational, and challenging. I always knew that when I came to visit I could be entertained and challenged usually all in one post. Thanks for being so open about your marriage. God is using you two in incredible ways.

    Happy 1 year anniversary!


  3. Goodbye, OMP!!! guess we’ll just have to settle seeing you and communicating with you in real life… 😉

  4. I am sorry to see your blog end, it has been wonderful for someone who has been married for 64 1/2 years. Just to remember how getting used to being married the first year was a real challenge. Thank you for all the time both of you devoted to telling the world about your life and all the encouragement, joys and disappointments. May God continue to bless you in your marriage for all the years to come.
    Love you.

  5. I miss you already. I thought there would be a screenplay by now of your MP blog. Until we meet again….love ya’ guys!

  6. I wanted to let you both know that I enjoyed reading your blog throughout the last year. My husband and I were married on June 5, 2010 as well!

  7. I love the site! Congrats on married life and all that it brings. It is truly an interesting journey. My husband and I also share our experiences and discoveries of married life on our blog! Keep posting and being an inspiration to couples around the world and to those who are single and skeptical about “married life”.


  8. How I was disappointed to read your blog is coming to an end. (I was recommended to the site by a grad school friend of Kyle’s.) I have been so impressed with your candid stories of life and love and trying to combine the two.

    Your wedding video has been a souce of hope and happiness to many a married, committed or single girl throughout the last year. (I can honestly say that on a day where I needed something to be happy about that video was often an easy source.) You have captured a rare and beautiful moment between two people, and thank you so much for sharing!

    May God bless your marriage for many more years!

  9. I only discovered this blog a few weeks ago when a friend linked to it on facebook, and have just been very blessed and encouraged reading through it! We have been married for 5 years and could so relate to the struggles and joys of the first year of marriage that you shared on this blog. You’ve encouraged me to love and forgive my husband more willingly, and reminded me to seek the Lord above all else.
    It was also nice to read your posts and realise that my husband and I are normal after all! We had some good laughs reading quite a few of your posts!
    We pray that you will continue to know the rich blessing of our Father in the many years of marriage that are ahead of you.

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