What’s in a Year?

Somehow I’ve managed to live my life in one year increments. Ever since high school, there’s either been a job change, a house change, or a change in marital status right around once a year. I think it has something to do with the structure of academic semesters and summer holidays, but breaking yourself of that pattern as an adult can be quite difficult. I call it the one year itch, Kyle calls it baffling, but my desire for something new is satiated in semi-major life changes every 365 days or so. And yet I sit here in our little apartment and feel nothing major occurring within my heart or outside of it. After completing a full year of blogging once a day, we’ve both started to wonder what the next year will hold. It’s funny how there have been days I haven’t been able to think of a single thing to write, and now I’m inundated with enough ideas to fill up a month’s worth of posts. My darling journal will finally see some action once again. Or at least more action than the scotch taped pictures I find from catalogs to fill its pages.

I know I said back in January that Genesis and I were finished with our meet and greets, but I’ve started a one year bible reading plan. Two people inspired me in this recently- Chelsea is on track with day 140 something and Nathan is in the second year of his one year plan. I figure that I’ll either succeed or I’ll fail, but I’ll just push through, even if it takes me three years. The fact that I’m already on day 8 offers me a little encouragement, plus it’s been really fun. Come on bible, let’s focus.

The husband has started a blog project in the world of sports, and even though it’s not an every day project, he ends up blogging sometimes 2-3 times a day. This, as we’ve discussed, will either be a two year fun project or someone will eventually pay him money to do it. It’s unfortunate for him, but I’m not the type of wife who can be patient for more than two years while her husband works a part-time job without getting paid for it. I might not even be that patient if he was getting paid for it, but that’s really just showing you too much of my heart.

Sometimes we want to do things like open a snow cone stand (Dallas has a shocking lack of them) or spend all our savings on a mobile living space and travel the country (that’s only me) or start our own businesses or write a book or move to another country just for fun and blog about it as though everyone wants to read it. But for now, our hearts are rather settled on taking it easy and figuring things out one day at a time. Maybe living life one year at a time has decided it isn’t for me.

Or maybe it will just become a two year itch.

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6 thoughts on “What’s in a Year?”

  1. I was on a streak for awhile where I was moving once or more a year. I have about 24 or more moves under my belt. But I’ve been in my apt. for 1 1/2 years now and I’m confused that I’m not moving or have no plans to for awhile. Like, something’s not right.

    And I’d fully support your snow cone idea if you went for it. 🙂

    1. I definitely have the two year itch…it must be a genetic thing! Hoping that one of your itches includes moving back to Oklahoma
      = ) I’d totally be okay with that itch. Snow cones are also a great idea, but again, only in Oklahoma.

  2. FYI on the sno cone stand idea: we love sno cones and have asked this same question: why the lack of sno cone stands in dallas? dallas has some code that states that the establishment has to have stationary plumbing & something something something…i don’t fully understand it, but the stand can’t actually be a stand, but has to be a building with real bathrooms and stuff. thus….no sno cone “stands”. perhaps a sno cone restaurant?

  3. Funny that you started a one-year daily bible plan 8 days ago…so did we! It was Memorial Day Weekend and we went to church at Kaw Street Chapel in Perry where they were starting a 1 year radical experiment based on David Platt’s book “Radical.” Pastor Greg said he knew it would be hard for some of us to stop what we were currently reading and start over in the middle of the year, but it *was* possible to do!

    So, on Monday, May 30th, Brian and I started in Genesis to begin reading the bible chronologically. I set aside my other daily reading plan somewhat begrudgingly (because I was keeping up with it mainly, which isn’t always the case) and started over. That’s what life is for me much of the time, starting over–not necessarily on any time schedule like 365 days, but most of the time it involves turning MY will over to God and doing my best each day to quiet my life and listen for His voice to reveal HIS plan for my life.

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