9 Things We’ll Always Buy Used

Houses – When my wife says she “cherishes character over shiny new things” all I hear is money swirling down our vintage, century-old leaky drain. It’s ok though, I can live with that because she’s not kidding, old really is better than new. We just have to choose the right kind of old.

Cars – This is more of a financial decision than anything else.

Furniture – I’m not going to say we’re NEVER going to buy new furniture, but that’s the mindset right now. Like, if I get into a 3-car accident with Dirk and Mark Cuban tomorrow and they both write me a blank check I’m not opposed to purchasing a few leather accessories (that sounds terrible) to sit on. Honestly though? I prefer the junk my wife buys for pennies on the dollar and refurbishes. I also like building furniture. Although bookselves and desks that would take a normal person 3-4 hours take me 4-5 months…

Books – You can one-up the “buy it used” mantra here. Just trade for it. Or get it for free.

Baby clothes – We don’t talk about this one. In fact, why are we still on this, let’s move on.

Artwork – Every time we’re in Target I find myself staring at their artwork thinking “ooohh that looks so original and awesome, let’s buy it.” Then I become cognizant of the fact that 2,000 other people did the exact same thing at Targets around the nation that day. So it’s not awesome and it’s definitely not original. So we don’t even buy artwork used…we just make it.

Golf clubs – I’m not hitting a 3-iron pure whether it’s used, slightly used, brand new, or Ben Hogan himself forged the metal with which it was made…so I might as well go cheap.

DVDs – Buying new DVDs feels like buying toilet paper, you’re rarely (hopefully) using either one more than once. With the advent of Redbox, Netflix, and Hulu what have DVDs become other than placeholders for home collections? And DVD collections are SO 2002.

Big people clothes – This is one we’ve been discussing for a few days. We’re thinking about not purchasing any new clothing for the next year. I just asked Jen if that meant I couldn’t buy a polo at The Masters next year. She said “you’re the one who made the rule” in one of those voices that makes you want to climb a large tree and jump head first into a pool of seething tar. So I guess that’s that. I’m sure we’ll revisit this paragraph multiple times over the next 11 months…(personal caveat: I’ve been told that shoes and undergarments are the only two things we’re allowed to purchase new – and I thought I was making the rules!)

Enjoy “The Decision” – we won’t be watching.

What kind of stuff do you always buy used?

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13 thoughts on “9 Things We’ll Always Buy Used”

  1. Kyle, I am really loving this blog man! You guys sound like you are doing great. It is extremely encouraging for me to read this because I feel like Ashley and I are in the same place or have been where you guys are at. Sharing your experiences with others is a pretty sweet deal. Keep them coming man!


  2. I almost always buy used books. There is no sense in paying $16.99 for a book when I can find it for 25 cents at The Salvation Army if I look hard enough! Plus, used books always have a better feel than new ones. The exception here is if a new title is released by my favorite author. I still shop around for the best price, but I don't feel bad for buying it new. I don't feel bad because I don't read a book once and then stash it away to never be read again. I often times re-visit books, and I'm always loaning them out. I honestly don't know the last time I had all of my books in one place!

  3. Old houses are good. I live in a house that was built in 1935. It has a lot of character and so much life was lived here.

  4. Hi guys! I just wanted to say hello and tell you how much I adore reading your blog. Jen, I admire your style and your sense of thriftiness! I love everything vintage and "treasure hunting" is one of my favorite things to do! 🙂 I have always admired people who use their creativity to inspire others and you have no idea how much inspiration I get from you alone! Thank you so much! I would love to know the instructions on how to create the flowers with the button centers you used in your wedding. I think they would be beautiful as decor for my bathroom and kitchen in several different prints! Any advice and/or suggestions you have would be sincerely appreciated. My e-mail is purplesummer806@yahoo.com!
    Have a beautifully blessed day! 😉

  5. There is no way that I have the words to express the pure joy I receive from reading your blogs re your wedding
    project. I look forward with much eager anticipation each day for your next edition. Mimi and I love them.

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