A Stitch in Time

Because a few of you asked (and because I love to share) this is the project I was working on during the infamous Sports Mentor video. I’ve just started playing around with embroidery thread because I was inspired by Anthropologie’s kitchen towels. Every year, I try to convince my family to make handmade gifts for everyone at Christmas. They say no, but I do it anyway, so these are probably what they’re getting. i.e. Mom and sisters speak up now if you want something different. Love you.

I spent about $9 on the 3 tea towels, $14 on thread and needles (but I bought a large amount of both that will last me forever, so I don’t count that in the price) and spent about 12 hours total on the bottom towel. I was so excited at how they turned out, but now I understand why they’re so expensive. The first only took 2-3 hours and the second is still in the draft phase.

I’ll probably have some patterns available online soon if anyone wants to try their hand at embroidery. It’s fun and pretty and girly and Christmas gifty. Who wouldn’t want to try it?

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  1. I've been really excited about embroidery too. Have you heard of Sublime Stitching by Jenny Hart?? Loving this girl!! Google it!

  2. Oh my goodness I love these! You have to tell me where you found the adorable tea towels…they look vintage! I also love the ones at Anthropologie but my real love for embroidered kitchen towels comes from my grandmother who used to do it. I have a few of hers…old, worn and faded. And I absolutely love them! I would love to make them…

    Found y'alls blog through a mutual friend…you're on my RSS feed. Loving the posts!

    1. Hey Lauren! I actually found the towels at Joann's (http://www.joann.com) but I don't see them online. They had them at our local store in the embroidery & cross stitch section. You can buy flour sack towels at WalMart or craft stores, but I'm with you- I really liked the stripes on the sides. Glad you like them!

  3. So, so pretty! I know what you mean about taking a lot of time. I used to do counted cross stitch and when it came time to sell them at craft fairs, I either didn’t want to part with them after all of the work that went into it, or i couldn’t come up with a price that seemed fair to me or the buyer!! I also would like to do a homemade gift exchange at Christmas, but think I would get the same response from my family that you did.

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  5. Gosh, I LOVE these!!! SO much that I am going to add it to my long list of things to make. I always struggle with home made gifts- I would love to receive a home made gift however not everyone shares my views. For the record, if I received these as a Christmas gift, they would jump straight to the top of my “favourite present list” 🙂

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