A Wing and a Prayer

We have these friends (Bryan and Morgan) and they have this trip and they need your support. They don’t need money, well they did, but some of you already supported them in that way.

They’re leaving for Ethiopia tomorrow and they’ll be gone for 10 days. They’ll only have running water and electricity every other day. The problem is they get to come back. The people they’re going to be speaking with and ministering to…well, they have to stay (unless our friends bring one back…and at this point it’s probably 50/50, maybe 60/40). And they (both the Ethiopians & Bryan and Morgan) need your prayers.

I heard this saying once, that you should never tell people you’re going to pray for them because you’ll never remember. You should always pray for them first and then tell them what you prayed for.

So here’s what I want to do…if you guys are willing: pray for one of the following things and then go here and leave a comment telling them what you prayed for. Seriously, take 10 seconds, say a quick prayer, and let them know. I literally did it as I was writing this…

NOTE: I would also link to a blog of the Ethiopians they’re going to visit but they probably have entire villages that don’t have enough disposable income to buy a computer…that’s not really meant to be a joke either.

Anyway, here are the prayer requests:

  1. Safety in their travels – All I know about Ethiopia is that they grow fast marathoners and have wild animals, pray they run into the former and not the latter (you thought I wasn’t going to make an Ethiopia/runners joke?).
  2. Wisdom in their words – Matthew 10:20 – For it is not you who speak, but the spirit of the Father speaking through you.
  3. Understanding in the hearts of the Ethiopians they minister to.

Thank you to everyone who prayed and sent them a message.

Have a blast Bryan & Morgan!

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