Seth Godin defined art in the 21st century in this interview:

Artist and painter are two different things. You can be a poet, screenwriter, account executive, receptionist, or a school teacher and still be an artist. Art is connecting with people and giving them a gift that causes them to change in a good way.

I would add – you can be an artist as a mother or a grandfather or an uncle or a husband. You can give those around you the gifts you have been laden with. You can help other people change. In a good way.

For me, as a husband, this might mean I forgo getting on Twitter for the 293rd time in a given day to do the dishes for my wife. Or it might mean making her breakfast before I leave in the morning. Or it might mean driving her car for a few weeks so she can drive mine because it’s nicer. Or maybe it means saving up my “blow money” (this is not a cocaine reference) for a few months and buying her something she’s been wanting (like Conde Nast stock so I can resurrect Domino Magazine…she would like that a lot).

I haven’t given this a heap of creative thought so I apologize that most of these are fairly cliche forms of husband artistry…well, except the Lazarus-like comeback of Domino. I’d be a demigod in our household if I ever pulled that off.

You get the point though. I’m learning that being a leader of the home is about more than hooking up direct deposit to my bi-weekly paycheck and getting the oil changed in both cars every 3 months. It’s about weaving a tapestry of creative wonder worthy of my wife’s longing gaze. I didn’t say I was good at it or that I even do it every day. But I’m learning. One day at a time. Thread by thread on my metaphysical loom.

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  1. "Not always succeeding, but working." I like that. A lot. I also appreciate your "cliche" forms of Husband artistry. Daily sacrifices driven by the love for and obedience to the father for the love and pursuit of your wife. Not seasonal, not fits of emotional vomit. Good stuff, kp. Good stuff.

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