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I would post the collection of emails and texts I’ve churned out over the last 6 weeks on Friday Night Ligths but it probably amasses like 29,000 words so I’ll spare you the time. We don’t even really like TV but we haven’t been able to stop Netflixing FNL. Character flaw. We were turned on (pun intended) by various friends and family and have since gotten other would-be-non-procrastinators unfortunately hooked.

I wonder if any blogger has ever railed on TV like we did on Sunday and given away an entire season’s worth of disks 5 days later? That’s right, we’re giving away Season 1 of Friday Night Lights. “What must I do” you ask? We’ll get to that.

First, just for fun let’s look at my all-time top 5 TV shows list as it stands right now (in reverse order):

Honorable mention: Alias, SportsCenter (it really used to be clever and good…now it’s insufferable), One Tree Hill, Friends, Modern Family, The West Wing (haven’t seen it enough for it to be higher)

5. The O.C. – Should be more renowned but they started doing some weird stuff after season 2, still, arguably one of the greatest season 1’s ever.
4. Arrested Development – Again, should be higher but I haven’t seen enough episodes to warrant it.
3. Friday Night Lights – When you can inspire someone who has the least affinity for television/shows he’s ever had in his entire life to make a top 5 TV shows list, that has to count for something, no? Why am I talking in the third person?
2. Gilmore Girls – It’s longevity as a relevant, witty comedic act is unparalleled. Yeah, I went there.
1. Sports Night – I’ve never been as obsessed with a show as I was with this one, I don’t know if it can ever be surpassed.

I say that to say all you have to do to win is give me your top 5 TV shows of all-time in the comments section. After that, may the blogging gods be with you as we’ll choose randomly from those who comment.

We’ll announce the lucky champ tomorrow and get that baby shipped out ASAP.

Good luck!

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I'm an aspiring freelance writer and blogger (which doesn't make a ton of sense when you think about it). I started a blog called Our Marriage Project and one about OSU called Pistols Firing. I love both of them, and I love my wife. And I love Kevin Durant, Explosions in the Sky, Tim Riggins, Blue Moon ale, Twitter, and the state of Georgia.

30 thoughts on “Freebie Friday”

  1. 1. Arrested Development- Watch it. Please. Dozens of us are.

    2. The Office/Friday Night Lights- A pure toss up for me..

    3. The O.C – From the witty Seth Cohen to the Scandalous Julie Cooper. Sandy is the only thing keeping the moral compass of this show pointing in the right direction.

    4. Scrubs- Better than Greys. I said it, deal with it.

    5. Boy Meets World- Wanted to be Shawn but related to Cory. Plus who could forget Topanga Lawrance? The hottest thing since Winnie Cooper.

  2. 1. The Cosby Show
    2. LA Ink
    3. the Olympics
    4. SO You Think you can dance
    5. And my childhood favorite The X Files

  3. 1. House MD (Because i strive to be the witty, sarcastic, and genious man he is)
    2. Modern Family (Because i've never seen a better cast set of characters that make me roll laughing)
    3. One Tree Hill (Still "gayly" addicted to this show, dont ask me why)
    4. Castle (Witty police drama with comedic and witty banter)
    5. My Boys (Because the interactions between this group of friends is hilarious everytime i watch it, and Jim Gaffigan being in the cast just doubles that). Plus it has a side genre of being about sports and competitiveness.

    HM: The Real World (Because whenever i'm feeling down, watching this show makes me feel 150X better about my own life and who I am)

  4. In no particular order….
    1. The Wire
    2. Alias, at least the early seasons. Ultimately, it turned me off of all future JJ Abrams productions.
    3. Quantum Leap
    4. Friday Night Lights
    5. So You Think You Can Dance

  5. 1. .GLEE- I love musicals and I think this show is incredible
    2. The Office- can make me laugh even after the worst day
    3. Survivor- I appreciate the 40 days of endring terrible living conditions and being trapped with people you would never befriend in the real world.
    4. The O.C. – agree about having one of thebest first seasons ever.
    5. Saved By The Bell

  6. 1. Friends. Every spring I was in law school I re-watched all 10 seasons in order. No wonder my fall grades were better

    2. Law & Order: Special Victims Unit. Mariska Hargitay is the coolest detective ever. And who doesn't love Ice-T?

    3. Beverly Hills 90210 (The Original). I used to be Team Brandon, but upon re-watching the seasons as they have come out on DVD, I heart David Silver. Who doesn't want to be able to say "I'm with the DJ?"

    4. One Tree Hill. I love Sophia Bush and the impracticality of the 1352151274 near death experiences the characters have gone through in seven seasons.

    5. Friday Night Lights. Football, teen angst, young love and my fave couple ever, the Taylors? Obsessed. (And glad you guys are too!)

  7. 1. The Cosby Show
    2. LA Ink
    3. LOST- until it got stupid
    4. So you think you can dance
    5. My childhood favorites The X files and Sea Quest DSV

  8. 1. Seinfeld- Are you the Master of your Domain?
    2. Friends- Who doesn't want the happy ending of Ross and Rachel?
    3. Friday Night Lights- I grew up in a small town, dated the star football player, and was in 7 homecomings. How can I not love it?
    4. Golden Girls- I loved this as a child. I'm not really sure why. RIP Blanche, Dorothy and Sophie
    5. ER- I loved the intro music. And George Clooney could be my doc anyday.

  9. First of all, Kevin, I'm sorry in advance, I know you will be disappointed in my picks. Secondly, don't include me in the contest because we all know I already own season 1…and 2…and 3. That would just be selfish on my part to try and win again, so I am here to announce my "fave fives" just for fun. So here they are…
    1. FRIENDS – I pretty much have it playing in the background of my life. No matter what I'm doing (studying, 'hah what' getting ready, cleaning, anything. It NEVER gets old. Ross is my fav character too…his facial expressions kill me.
    2. Friday Night Lights – kickin it back with Riggins and enjoying an ice cold beer would not be the worst thing in the world. The Taylor parents are awesome. I love how they continuously show their love for each other (I know its a show but STILL) and Matt Saracen is such a hard working loyal guy, love it.
    3. Dexter – if you haven't seen this show…you need to watch it. His commentary is priceless…such dry humor. Ali and I watched season 4 in one night….sad story I know but you can't stop.
    4. GLEE – I know its a musical and I know they lip sing on the show but come on, Rachael Berry's voice=amazing and Puck=sexy. Plus the cheerleading coach is so mean and its hilarious. Love the music to this show!
    5. Gossip Girl and One Tree Hill – I know gossip girl portrays rich high schoolers living in new york city and getting everything they want, but I still like it and I'm secretly (I guess not anymore) in love with Chuck Bass. One tree hill – there are so many seasons now its insane! I own 1-5 but I lost track after that. the best part about the show now is Jamie. I never liked Peyton so I'm glad she's gone. A good show though!

  10. 1. Arrested Development. Every season of Arrested Development is available on demand through Netflix, which is awesome.
    My other favorite shows are House, Modern Family, Bones and 30 Rock. Kenneth the Page cracks me up.

    You don't have to enter me for the giveaway either, just thought I would let you know about Arrested Development, if you wanted to see the whole show (which I highly recommend!).

  11. TOP 5 TV SHOWS!!! (it was hard to narrow these down)

    5. Friday Night Lights (especially season 1!!! hint!!)- I was crushed when I heard season 5 is the last one. I guess that means it is just a show after all and not real. I wish.
    4. Arrested Development -KP 23 you have to watch all of the eps of this show. it is epic. and there's only 3 seasons!!
    3. The Wire
    2. Dexter
    1. The Office (mainly seasons 1-4, and a few out of season 5. it never fails to amuse me)

    Honorable mention: Modern Family. It can't bust into the top 5 yet bc it has only aired 1 season but I have great hopes for it.

    KP23…you know how I feel about Riggins. And by my top 5 it is obvious i have great taste in TV shows. Choose the right person….


    heather m. smith aka smitty

    p.s. another benefit to choosing me, not only will i cherish this dvd set until i can pass it down to my future kids, is that i live 5 min away so you dont have to waste money on postage!!!!

    1. Smitty i love your post! I agree with you on modern family! It will be a big hit one day no worries! And can we NOT talk about the fact that season 5 is the last one…ugh. I will def rewatch often

  12. Alright, here's the list:
    5. Arrested Developemnt. It took us some time and Just Might be tied with the British Office series, but one of the most perfect comedic shows of all time.
    4. The Wonder Years. Winnie Cooper: All the girls wanted to be her and all the guys wanted to be with her.
    3. Studio 60: A short-lived but genius show from the writer of West Wing.
    2. The Cosby Show.
    1. The Wire. Probably soon to be replaced by Friday Night Lights, which will most likely have me commenting on your blog from some small town in West Texas after my husband finally lets the coaching-bug take over and moves us to where he can live-out the FNL dream. And yet I'm still excited about the potential to see the show that everyone's been raving about!

  13. 1. Arrested Development (absolutely brilliant!)
    2. The Office
    3. Friends
    4. Saved by the Bell
    5. Modern Family (don't watch it enough for it to be higher, but it makes me laugh uncontrollably)

  14. 6. Firefly/Castle (Nathan Fillion FTW!…and yes, I can count…I just choose not to.)
    5. Big Bang Theory (makes me feel cool for being a nerd)
    4. Bones (get together already!)
    3. Gilmore Girls (what you said…)
    2. Arrested Development (no show has brought me to tears from uproarious laughter more…you really need to watch all of this one!)
    1. Friends (I've spent so much time with them, they feel like my friends too.)

    P.S. To answer the question probably bouncing around in your head, I know your brother and mom, but no, we haven't met. I read your blog anyway. Good stuff!

    P.P.S. I haven't seen a single episode of Friday Night Lights.

  15. Ok, here's my five TV shows:
    1. Glenn Beck
    2. Dancing With the Stars
    3. Friday Night Lights ( yes, grandmas like it, too)
    4. Next Food Network Star ( and others on Food Network)
    5. Ice Road Truckers (History Ch)
    I know, Po says it's pretty weird! but guess that's what I am?? I do not want to be in the running for the DVD (as if I had a chance!)

  16. 1. American Dreams – I cried when it was canceled & it was canceled way too soon…ask anyone that was a fan…and there's lots of them, not just me.
    2. The Wonder Years – Great family show and our parents actually let us watch it. Learn some history and watch Kevin and Winnie grow up together and fall in love…I think I actually felt heartbroken in the last episode where you find out they married other people…
    3. The O.C. – (2 words) Seth Cohen
    4. Boy Meets World – Jen & I didn't discover this show until it was completely off the air and there were reruns on the Disney Channel…kind of another Winnie Cooper/Kevin Arnold thing…especially since real life Cory is real life Kevin's little brother…AND Topanga and Cory actually got married.
    5. Gilmore Girls – I put this one as the last one for 2 reasons 1) I do absolutely love it, funny, witty, amazing 2) It's at #5 because I have yet to see all of the seasons…perhaps because someone will unwillingly borrow them for an extended period of time because's she's afraid she couldn't live without them…Ahem Jennifer….= )

  17. I want this!
    5. Early Edition – Like how I worked this in here. Kyle Chandler before he was big time. This show could inspire a future blog post for ya'll. What if Jen got the paper a day before everyone else?
    4. Always Sunny in Philadelphia – Bryan (future pastor, seminary student) introduced me to this show. Unbelievably funny. Chase Utley letter….
    3. Modern Family – "It's like Steve Jobs and God got together on my birthday."
    2. Studio 60 – I was devastated when it got canned. I've always like Matthew Perry and Bradley Whitford. (anybody who can be in Billy Madison and West Wing is legit) And I've always loved the early SNL's. Great show. I'm going to spend all night searching for it online now.
    1. Drum roll…..Two Guys a Girl and a Pizza Place – That's right. Ryan Reynolds at his best. Can't exactly explain why I love it the most but I do.
    I really want to start FNL bc I loved the movie. Gives me goosebumps…

  18. Because I can't handle reading another blog requiring a comment and not adding my 2 cents….

    5. (For "The Rock" aka Luke) Friday Night Smackdown
    5. (For Kimberly) American Dreams – yes, I cried too when it was over. I was sad for awhile… and actually still am sad when I see the actors from that show on newer, less intriguing TV dramas.
    4. Gilmore Girls – I really don't feel like I need to explain this one. JB, learning we shared this passion was when I knew we would be great friends…
    3. Biggest Loser.
    2. Friends
    1. College Game Day!!!!

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