Improving Home Improvement (is that already taken?)

Because our home decor budget isn’t too hefty, I’ve really tried to prioritize our purchases so I’m not overspending or doing it aimlessly. One of the biggest issues I have is that I get to Lowe’s, forget which projects really need finished, and just buy what looks pretty. So I’ve done a very quick run through of our apartment, taken pictures of things that need the most attention, and saved it all in a file on our computer. The result is a quick project guide for tackling the uglies to make this feel like home.

Buy frame & chalkboard sticker for door

Need side table

Buy another hook to hang measuring cup
Bring back chairs from Oklahoma
Buy something to use as nightstand
Spray paint this shelf for bathroom
Buy art to hang on this wall
Buy tape to finish stripes in bathroom

Paint for living room & kitchen walls
Spray paint for frame and shelf
1 hook for measuring cup
Painters tape

Paper store in mall:
Chalkboard sticker

1 table next to couch
1 table for nightstand
Art for dining area

Get 2 chairs from Oklahoma

Anybody have any ideas for what we should add to these spaces?

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13 thoughts on “Improving Home Improvement (is that already taken?)”

  1. Instead of buying pictures for your wall in your dining room you and kyle could check out kitcheny type pictures on the internet and then try to recreate them yourselves? just get some colored pencils or use some lett over paint and used sketch pad paper. just an idea.

    your apt looks wonderful so far from the pictures. 🙂

  2. we totally use a hamper as one of our night stands too! i think we're starting a new trend…. you just wait, its going to be all over the home decor magazines!

  3. This is more a “I’m being nosey” thing… are you renting your apartment? Because how do they let you paint the place? In Australia, if you’re renting we aren’t allowed to paint or do anything- definitely stifles alot of creativity! Keen to see the end results of these projects…unless you’ve already blogged about them and I’m not up to that yet…

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