So we have a child. Not a real one. But not a fake one either. His name is Max and he lives in Haiti and today is his birthday. He has the same birthday as our country, though Max’s party probably won’t have as many people or fireworks. He probably won’t imbibe all the food we imbibe and I’m guessing he won’t be watching Breakfast at Wimbledon on Sunday morning. Max’s hobbies are walking and helping his mom farm. We live different lives. And yet we are connected.

We support Max (just as many of our friends support kids throughout the world) through a missional program called Compassion International. We send him and his family some money every month and write him letters to make sure he’s doing well. Kyle nicknamed him Ocho Cinco. He couldn’t believe we sent him an extra $10 for Christmas. We felt like cowards for not sending more.

We pray for his feet because they were injured in the earthquake. We don’t really know to what extent, but we know God can heal anything. In his last letter to us, Max asked if we felt the earthquake in America. We didn’t feel it physically, but we feel it in our hearts every time we remember him. Here’s to Max. And to the freedoms we enjoy. Happy 4th.

Max (or 'Ocho' as I like to call him)

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  1. Oh my gosh i have been missing and praying for and crying for all my international children… and this just made me cry again today. We are so very lucky to live where we live and have what we have… but with that there is so much responsibility. Where much is given, much is required. God has given us so much and this country so much that sometimes I think we forget that we are supposed to give so much too. Much is required of me. Much is required of us. We are free to share our freedom, and free to help others be free to. I just love that little Max of yours 🙂

    1. Yeah, he's awesome, we love him too. Thanks for sharing your perspective and reminding everyone how important (vital?) it is to be givers…not only of money, but of our time, prayers, and hearts as well.

  2. I, also, have a Compassion child who lives in Guatemala. It is very humbling and encouraging to be a part of an organization like that, Jesus is doing incredible things through CI.

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