Polly Want a Haircut?

The reason I first cut Kyle’s hair was due to a cosmetology mishap: about 2 years ago he left his barber looking like a cockatoo. See above for visual. My job was to fix it, and so we came to the only conclusion either of us could think of: buzz it off and start over. Then I found out how much he was paying and we decided to try it for real.

Disclaimer: this activity is not for weak relationships or the faint of heart. We’ve had several domestic disputes over the cutting of hair, and though our relationship has survived, there have been words exchanged, blood spilled, and many imminent breakups on the horizon. (The first time we tried it, Kyle stormed out halfway through sporting a droopy version of a ’90’s bowl cut. He was serious about going to work the next day until I convinced him he looked like a homeless Zack Morris).

Yet we come out on the other side basking in this glory: By not spending those $16 every 2 weeks, we will save $16,640 over the next 40 years. Not to mention what we’ll save with kids. Check it out:

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PS: This is Kyle and I have never in my life looked like that bird. I promise.

15 thoughts on “Polly Want a Haircut?”

  1. Haha! This is so great! I tried to cut Danny's hair a few times… It took me over two hours and still looked really scary, so I gave up and sent him to supercuts…

  2. Even Better – SHAVE IT CLEAN a la Britt Weaver! 😉 We buzzed Jake's the other day – I was tired of spending money to get a 3 yo's hair cut every 3 weeks! Thanks for doing the math on that. I feel better!

  3. Every two weeks? Wow. I'm jealous. Chad cuts his every 4 months. Also, I've cut Chad's a few times. Last time my mistake was that I made one of his sideburns pointy. Sort of a count Dracula look.

  4. You calculated the $16,640.00 that you will save in haircuts. However, you didn't calculate the hundreds of thousands of dollars you will lose out on in missed promotions due to looking like a hybrid cockatoo/zach morris. :-). I kid I kid. Seriously though, let's cut down on the number of videos where you aren't wearing a shirt.

  5. i am loving reading the blog entries. Andy would never let me cut his hair for fear of cutting an ear off… but maybe i will try it after this "how to" video!

  6. Love this blog entry & especially the video! I have been cutting Brian's hair for a LONG time. I remember the first hair cut I subjected him to was on the front porch at my mom and dad's house. I was probably 17 & he was 20 at the time! I know we've saved a bundle of $$, but more important than the savings over the years, are the stories we've shared & funny mishaps I've occasionally made. Similar to a regularly scheduled date night, it's another opportunity you have to spend time together. One side note– as the barber, if you've been waiting to ask him to do something for you, or discuss an issue that's been on your mind, there's a certain level of respect and attention you receive when you are holding a pair of scissors in your hands, ha ha!

  7. I second the shirtless comment made by Oss. I found myself asking not "are they not talking during all of this?" and more "what is he watching that has him sucked in like that?" and then I thought of FNL and it answered both questions.

  8. I took the photo at the top. The cockatoos have stopped visiting me because of this. They feel unjustly disparaged because of the comparison to the haircut.

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